Autumn carries more colors in its pockets than all the other seasons.

 Dear friends, it's been a long while since my last post. As time flies and my days are very full at the moment, i decided to unable comments for now. Know that i think of you and miss you - and appreciate your kind visit very much.
I've been inspired by Octobers vibrant palette and have worked on a series of new paintings with abstract botanical impressions. The picture above gives a glimpse of Indian Summer in my studio, which is still in full swing and will be celebrated in style here soon.
I hope November is warm and cozy on your end, and you enjoy the golden leaves flying in the air as much as i do!


Some impressions from the premiere of "Hänsel", the first film by my sons remarkable girlfriend Juli Gaston. Robin was art-director to the film and they both worked for months and months, with a team of over 30 people to get it done.
It came out so professional in every detail that we could hardly believe it. For they had only a small budget, mainly sponsored by "Finger weg" an organisation that works to prevent violence against kids.
The film is a modern fairy tale, based on "Hänsel and Gretel" by the Grimm brothers, but mainly telling the story of 11 years old Marvin, who is mistreated by his mother and escapes in a dream-world, where he fights and wins against the wicked witch, thus getting his strength back and keeping his integrity.
They put so much love, care and work into every detail, that i think it's going to be a hit at various short film festivals in the coming year. 
Enjoy the photos here - they give you a glimpse of how opulent and beautiful the setting and costumes were. Have a bright and happy start to your week dear friends - i look forward to visit you back!

Einige Impressionen von der Premiere von "Hänsel", im Main-Taunus Zentrum bei Frankfurt am letzten Wochenende, Der erste Kurzfilm von Juli Gaston ist eine moderne Interpretation, des Märchens Hänsel und Gretel der Gebrüder Grimm. Die Geschichte handelt von dem 11-jährigen Jungen, Marvin, der von seiner Mutter misshandelt wird. Marvin träumt sich in eine Märchenwelt, in der er als starker Hänsel die böse Hexe besiegt und auf diese Weise die traumatischen Erlebnisse verarbeitet.

Der Film, der von einem engagierten Team aus Profis und Studenten in monatelanger Arbeit und mit sehr geringen Mitteln verwirklicht wurde, beeindruckt durch eine starke, poetische Bildsprache, die einen als Betrachter sofort gefangen nimmt. Obwohl der Film mit Metaphern arbeitet und das Geschehen der Kindesmisshandlung nur andeutet, hält man als Betrachter den Atem an. Die Intensität der Darsteller und  hollywoodreife Filmmusik tun ein übriges, um den Film zu etwas ganz Besonderem zu machen.

Grosszügig gesponsert wurde das Werk von dem Verein "Finger weg von unseren Kindern", der sich um Aufklärung und Vorbeugung zu dem brisanten Thema bemüht. Weitere Aufführungen sind geplant in Schulen und Erziehungseinrichtungen, sowie auf verschiedenen Kurzfilm-Festivals im kommenden Jahr.

Sour and sweet

Sour and sweet is the taste of life

Some street art from Italy - just impressions i caught, while walking the little streets of the ancient town called Albenga, situated at the Ligurian coast.  The combination of zesty yellow, sweet pink and mellow grey is something i want to use in one of the next paintings. Yellow and pink is my happy combination, and the grey and creamy white ads a touch of softness to the mix.
It's grey outside here and soft rain is falling. Am preparing for a weekend visit by two close friends of mine, and look forward to an exciting film-premiere on sunday, featuring the work of some people very dear to me -more about it in the next post!

Looking at those lemons, i'm thinking about making lemon spaghetti for lunch today, so easy and delicious! Find the recipe here!

September Highlights

1. The clear and sunny light is beautiful in September -  and i often sat outside painting what i saw, but putting it together in a new way - like these two little pieces..  They are framed in a double frame by Articulate Gallery,
2. Walking in sandals, shopping fresh fruit., veggies and flowers is one of my summer delights and  every day seems special to me know - as we're approaching the beginning of fall.
3. A midday espresso, from my new coffee machine reading news from dear friends - time to breathe and make the moment count.
4. My son Marin alias Schlindwein had his first solo live gig in a funky Nhow Hotel in Berlin - so cool!
5. A mini-spa break for body and soul sometimes is just what the doctor asked for. Since a while ago i badly hurt my foot and we had many things to deal with, hubby and i treated ourselves to some much needed downtime at the gorgeous Bollants , not very far from us in Bad Sobernheim.

What else will September have in store? First of all, i hope a fabulous weekend for you my lovelies.
Visiting YOU is a highlight all through the year!

Late summer colors

"Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and oh so mellow ..."

Orange berries are ripening on the bushes and our evenings are lit by fire and warmed by a blanket on the terasse. It really feels like late summer now - and this little painting i did recently catches the mood.

It is framed in a new kind of frame i was offered to test for our magazine and website KidsLife, and i like it very much. It allows to frame artwork on paper without putting a glass over the picture, something i have often wished for. A glass can look nice, but i often feel that it takes some warmth and vibrancy away from the painting, the feel and taste of something handmade.

These framed were developed to showcase kids-art. They have a slit on the top, and you can stack and store several pieces in them if you like. For me they are great because they allow me, to quickly show a client, how a painting on paper appears when framed, Plus the rounded corners look so cool.
The frames are called Articulate Gallery - get more informations here.


A little series of paintings on paper that started out as sketches in the garden. sort of improvising with brush and paints sitting outside, mostly in the  subtle light of the evening hours. Looking at  plants, seed, berries, leaves, tiny branches, needles, nuts and all the other things out there always invigorates my imagination. 
 I didn't really draw their likeness, but rather let my hands play with the images they triggered - and somehow these paintings turned out a little like botanical drawings you see in books sometimes. 

Enjoy the best of August as long as it's still here. It's the last real month of summer and we're entering the last week of it ...Can you believe it?

Stardust memories

All colours will agree in the dark.

Two little blue paintings of a series of four that i'm working on - since quite a while. They have been changing -until now they resemble treflections of the night sky in a pond, lit from the inside. They are quite dreamy, but yet the blue is strong and vibrant and the small dots of color shine like exotic fishes in the ocean. 

Hope your week gets of to a sparkling start lovelies! Enjoy the summer sky and the heavenly blue hour just before darkness if you can - the hour, when the work is done and people in Italy assemble in bars for their "Aperitivi"  - a ritual i like very much and think about importing here.
Drinks, some small bites and relaxed chit chat, before everybody goes home - or - elsewhere - to have dinne., A casual celebartion to let go of the tension of the day, to shake your feathers and dive into the moment.

 Join me tonight?

Painting summer

I have been quite busy in my studio lately. trying to make the best out of summers expansive energy. The big canvas paintings i'm just about to finish capture the warm, yellow golden glow of sunshine in the garden, the play of light and shadow, the sense of things blooming and ripening, while we feel relaxed like the black cat, sunshine on her fur..
I hope you're all having a bright and wonderful start to the your week and enjoy the best of August!

Magic and Pasta

Most Italians sure know how to enjoy life, and since good food is, what seems to weave it all together  - the treasures of the earth, the ocean and the human heart - good food is absolutely vital to celebrate and make each day special. It's not just about nurturing the body, but all the more about having part in the dance of life.
 Me and my family adore Italian food and can't get enough of pasta in all variations. Along the Ligurian coast you get heavenly seafood pasta dishes, easy, fresh and scrumptious.  If you'd like to make some at home,  try this yummy recipe by "the little kitchen! an amazing food blog i have just discovered. 
Have a fabulous start into august and see you soon!

Photo Pasta:: the little kitchen

Colors of Italy

The vibrant colors of Italy also contain a softer palette of muted pinks, oranges, grey, beiges and blues, that are wonderfully soothing to the eyes and to the mind. To me, almost every piece of wall i see, or carefully tiled and plastered ground i walk over, contains a painting, and i've photographed a lot of pretty details during our walks in ancient market towns and villages. Above pix were taken in a medieval city called Toirrano, where we also ate wonderful pasta ... more about this in the next post ;)
Hope you all  have a splendid weekend ahead