DIY Citrus Body Scrub

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.  
Gwyneth Paltrow

 Gestern habe ich Frühjahrsklamotten anprobiert und dabei gedacht, dass es höchste Zeit wäre, mal wieder etwas für meine Haut zu tun! Vor allem für Arme und Beine, die nach dem langen Winter - um es milde auszudrücken - nicht so richtig gut aussehen. Ein schönes Peeling schleift alte Hautschüppchen ab, fördert die Durchblutung und vitalisiert den ganzen Körper. 

Dieses einfache Rezept habe ich schon mal getestet - es ist super-easy, 100% natürlich und tut richtig gut. Durch das Traubenkernöl in der Mischung ist es auch sehr pflegend. Ich habe die Anwendung von Traubenkernöl mal in dem wunderschönen Wellness-Hotel Bollants im Park kennengelernt - es enthält besonders viel Vitamin E und Polyphenole und ist somit ein super Anti-Ageing Mittel.

Ihr bracht für das Peeling nur:
1 Bio-Zitrone
250g naturreines grobes Meersalz
75ml kaltgepresstes Traubenkernöl

Meersalz in ein Schälchen geben und mit dem Öl vermischen. die Zitrone auspressne und die Schale abreibem. Beides mit der Öl Salz Mischung gut vermengen - fertig! Jetzt nur noch in ein hübsches Glas abfüllen und den zitronigen Duft genießen!

Remember the body scrub DIY i posted about a while back? Meanwhile i got around making it, and it turned out great! You simply mix a cup of good, extra vergine vegetable oil - i used grapeseed-oil oil, since it's supposed to be very good for your skin - with a cup of pure sea salt and 2 teaspoons of grind lemon rind. That's it! Fill it in a pretty jar and use it on wet skin. You gently rub it in and shower it of.  Try it - and step into the week as the pretty and sparkling superstar you really are!

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid

Yellow shoes

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.

Hallo Ihr Lieben, nachdem ich letzte Woche die Gartensaison eröffnen wollte, hat sich der Frühling wieder versteckt - hinter weißen und grauen Schleiern! Blumen gibt es trotzdem - und ein Schuss Farbe bringt Energie in den Tag. Deshalb trage ich heute meine gelben Ballerinas und spiele mit gelber Farbe. Welche Farbe tut Dir heute gut?

Spring starts wearing a white, wet, foggy gown here and the days since the equinox have been hidden behind it. Am wearing yellow shoes and adding dabs and strokes of yellow and pink to my canvases, to bring back the sunshine. Colors are pure energy - and can be used to spike up your mood and spirit. Which color do you need, to put you in balance right now?

Spring greetings from my studio!  I'm working on some new canvases and like always, when i start on a painting, let myself be guided by intuition and let my hands pick the colors, instead of consciously choosing them. Currently, i feel inspired by crystals, gemstones and ordinary stones. The shapes they have, formed by elements, the different structures, the light they emit and the light they catch and magnify.
Spring has officially started but there's a chill here in the air today - and i'm in a dreamy mood. A day for hot soup and tea and cozy reading time. What are your plans for the weekend?

Good Day, Sunshine!

Just a glimpse of Italy, to get your week started! Soft yellow, pale pink, creamy white and leafy green - coming across the pix i took during a holiday on the italian riviera i couldn't help feeling exited. Also because yesterday, our family has decided to visit the beautiful landscape of the ligurian coast again this coming june. Am painting away this week, feeling more inspired than i have in weeks - so be prepared to see some new work here coming up soon!

Princess Laya goes fashion

March is moving along swiftly, serving us little "Amuse Gueules" in the shape of crocuses and daisies in preparation for the big spring celebration, along with some sparkling sunshine - Ahhhh!

Are you thinking spring wardrobe yet? I find myself browsing the spring trends and fell in love with these glamorous headphones for the modern princess by Dolce & Gabbana, since a few years my favorite fashion inspiration. They are actually from the fall collection, as fashion is always moving a few steps ahead of us. Wouldn't it be fun to go shopping with a pair of these on your ears?

Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Take it easy my lovelies and keep warms, as the transition from winter to spring can be a tricky time - and covering your ears can be a good thing!

Colorful details

Some powerful colors can work like an art-vitamin booster sometimes. As the days are getting longer and brighter, i feel that my energy to work on canvas paintings comes back. Currently inspiring to me are beautiful crystals and minerals with their crystalline structure and high-vibrating energy.
The pictures above feature a painting of mine, a collage book given to me by a friend, a small bouquet of dried hydrangea and stones from around my house.
Have a  sparkling week lovelies - the power is with you!

Happy weekend!

So I say "My dear if you could give me a cup of tea to clear my muddle of a head I should better understand your affairs." And we had the tea and the affairs too.... 

Charles Dickens, "Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy"

Tea, books, good magazines -  sprinkled with love and laughter -
sometimes the perfect mix for a happy weekend! After last weekends party which was wild and fun, my plan for the next 2 days is to just take it easy and relax. A hint of spring is in the air here in germany. I see the first little flowers in the gardens, there is birdsong in the morning and - yes, the air seems warmer and brighter too! 
The picture above is a little photo experiment with  picture i took in our living room and did some artwork on - to catch the golden atmosphere of the morning hours.

2 Kids

This is a sketch i just finished, of my gorgeous niece and nephew Emma and Jakob. 
They live in Munich and the drawing's supposed to be a present for their dad's birthday, which will be celebrated on saturday night. It's going to be a party in a club, with a wild 60ies theme - just thinking about what i'm going to wear ... Off to an early weekend flowers - time to let our hair down and dance!
Have you got anything planned yet?

Vibrant Blue

Colors are brighter when the mind is open. 

Happy start to your week lovelies! 

Am sending you LOVE and some fresh, bright blue with golden sparks, which is exactly what my soul is craving for tight now. These are 3 paintings i did last summer and they express that wonderful invigorating energy of the water element.  

I keep thinking how vital the deep blue oceans are - for the planet and for all of us - and of course for all the precious creatures living in it - now being so endangered. A kind of private "ocean awareness". I wish i could do more, to clean and heal that deep blue yonder, that carries the mystery of life.

The year started out with an exiting group exhibition along the theme of "Orange", where my art was shown alongside great artists i admire - like Picasso, Matisse and Baselitz. It was a show in a little museum not so far from us. The curator had the concept, of showing hobby artist, mid career professional artists like myself and famous artists, all united by one theme - isn't that a fun idea?

Right now, it is carnival season here in germany, and you see people dressed up in funny costumes everywhere. Due to various reasons haven't blogged in quite a while and i have missed you!
How did your year start? I can't wait to come visit you all!

Welcome to a new chapter ...

... and relax into Abundance! That's what came up, when i was pondering on a  motto for 2015.
Relax - and allow the year to unfold, as you also allow yourself to unfold and tune into what is already there: The richness of your inner being, the treasure of your experience!

I'm curious, as to what 2015 will bring for me - and for us. New challenges, new adventures, new beginnings. I personally feel a desiree to simplify. To do less. To trust more. Of course, as always, i see tons of things i'd like to do, bring on their way, finish or to go on with. And i'm sure that as always, i will be busy. But somehow i also see a change of energy - subtle, not easy to grasp for the mind - and it has to do with the motto above. 

I hope the New year will be healthy, happy, prosperous and wonderful for you dear friends. Stay tuned and see you soon!

Pictures 1 and 3 via Pinterest, 2 is a painting of mine from the "Little Garden" series