2 Kids

This is a sketch i just finished, of my gorgeous niece and nephew Emma and Jakob. 
They live in Munich and the drawing's supposed to be a present for their dad's birthday, which will be celebrated on saturday night. It's going to be a party in a club, with a wild 60ies theme - just thinking about what i'm going to wear ... Off to an early weekend flowers - time to let our hair down and dance!
Have you got anything planned yet?

Vibrant Blue

Colors are brighter when the mind is open. 

Happy start to your week lovelies! 

Am sending you LOVE and some fresh, bright blue with golden sparks, which is exactly what my soul is craving for tight now. These are 3 paintings i did last summer and they express that wonderful invigorating energy of the water element.  

I keep thinking how vital the deep blue oceans are - for the planet and for all of us - and of course for all the precious creatures living in it - now being so endangered. A kind of private "ocean awareness". I wish i could do more, to clean and heal that deep blue yonder, that carries the mystery of life.

The year started out with an exiting group exhibition along the theme of "Orange", where my art was shown alongside great artists i admire - like Picasso, Matisse and Baselitz. It was a show in a little museum not so far from us. The curator had the concept, of showing hobby artist, mid career professional artists like myself and famous artists, all united by one theme - isn't that a fun idea?

Right now, it is carnival season here in germany, and you see people dressed up in funny costumes everywhere. Due to various reasons haven't blogged in quite a while and i have missed you!
How did your year start? I can't wait to come visit you all!

Welcome to a new chapter ...

... and relax into Abundance! That's what came up, when i was pondering on a  motto for 2015.
Relax - and allow the year to unfold, as you also allow yourself to unfold and tune into what is already there: The richness of your inner being, the treasure of your experience!

I'm curious, as to what 2015 will bring for me - and for us. New challenges, new adventures, new beginnings. I personally feel a desiree to simplify. To do less. To trust more. Of course, as always, i see tons of things i'd like to do, bring on their way, finish or to go on with. And i'm sure that as always, i will be busy. But somehow i also see a change of energy - subtle, not easy to grasp for the mind - and it has to do with the motto above. 

I hope the New year will be healthy, happy, prosperous and wonderful for you dear friends. Stay tuned and see you soon!

Pictures 1 and 3 via Pinterest, 2 is a painting of mine from the "Little Garden" series

Little Owl sends Seasons Greetings!

Dear snowflakes, stars and chocolate-hearts,
is the festive season in full swing for you?

Are you baking up a storm, dancing on the ice, creating lots of lovely things for your family and friends? I hope december is everything you want it to be, and the end of this year makes you
with gratefulness for the gifts, adventures, lessons and everything 2014 gave you -
and with anticipation for the New Year to come!

This will be my last post for this year. Like little owl i need some time on my tree, thinking, pondering, reflecting, planning ... spending time with my friends and family and dreaming myself into new creative ventures. 

Little Owl is the Christmas Card i created for this year and you can grab it and send it as an e-card if you wish.

Thank you for being part of my world and see you back soon!

Happy colours forThanksgiving

Grateful for your friendship, your attention, your encouragement and ongoing inspiration my lovelies! This is just a short post as i'm on a little trip to Berlin - to wish you all the most lovely Thanksgiving with your loved ones! I often find, that bright and happy colours are just what i need to keep my mood sunny and upbeat - so - these flowers are for YOU!

Pix: 1 - Pinterstt. 2 - MVS

Friday Chocolate Link Up


“Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.” 
 Joanne Harris, Chocolat

Have you ever tried making your own chocolate truffles? It's easy and complicated at the same time. Last sunday, i was hosting an "Art & Chocolate" event in my house  - to showcase my summer paintings, treat some old and new friends to an afternoon of sweetness and fun and to brighten November greys. I really did get my hands dirty 2 days in advance of this and experimented with new and better ways, to male scrumptious, velvety, deliciously chocolaty treasures.

This recipe here got me great results. It's  simple and easy to play and be creative with. BUT there's a warning: Grating chocolate, if you don't have a kitchen machine to do that for you, is an arduous job. Think about hiring an assistant or get your man to do it for you. The rest of the process is rather fun and brings you back to a childlike feeling - like when you were playing with play-dough or clay.

I like the very dark truffles best - they taste wonderful, if you love a touch of bitter, as i do, plus they give you all the health benefits of pure chocolate, and all the energy. They taste ..... very yummy, yet they're so rich that one makes you feel satisfied for the day.

If you're a chocolate lover and would like a special recipe or show pix of what you made - add your link to the list below. Can't wait to see your entry!

Blue Flame Painting

Happy new week lovelies, 
hope you keep your light shining, as we move into the dark season and days are getting shorter and shorter. Even though November is a bit gloomy and the lack of daylight can get people down, i like this months spirit. The misty "Fiametta" painting you see above was done in summer in the garden, but it also reminds me of a fire in winter, of morning and evening mist, of sundown and lights flickering in peoples houses or in the sky.

This weekend i will be hosting a little Art & Chocolate" event in our house and also in blogland.
Come back here on friday and link in to share your best chocolate recipe or a piece of art you've made or you simply adore. Can't wait to meet up and share the fun!

I'm a Bag Lady

Had some fun with a new sketch yesterday, one that i always wanted to do  -  a "What's in my handbag" one.

This little combo is, what i mostly have with me, when o go out these days:
A little light orange basket, kitted out with an even lighter fabric shopping bag and a small umbrella (it rains a LOT here).
And a handbag i found in my favorite shoestore BURRESI. The handbag is not big, but magically, all i want to put in fits in, even a light coat or cardi, all the while it still feels light on my arm. It consists of brown quilted fabric material and colorful leather parts,  and it helps to set a chic and playful accent to almost every outfit i have. In summer, it went well with white and brighter shades, in winter it adds some optimism and good mood to darker and neutral colors.

In the sketch, you see the things i carry in it:
- Some pens,
- a timer - handmade by a dear friend,
- my i-phone,
- my orange Hermès purse,
- my orange cell phone holder, filled with not my cell, but some make up items like a small Dr. Hauschka Handcreme, 2 lipsticks, on in a very soft, peachy pink, on in a darker, berry pink,
- D&G sunglasses.

When i'm in town, i always seem to walk a lot, so it's important, that my "luggage" is light and easy to carry. The basket is very practical in case i want to pick up some fruits or veggies on my way home, which i often do, and for additional purchases, the fabric bag comes in handy.

If you're a bag lady, like me, you might be interested to dwell a little in the Rue La La Style guide for handbags. Care tips, a history of handbags and lots of info about our fave accessoire - have fun!

Meanwhile, i hope your week is moving along nicely and swiftly, leaving you time to enjoy the colorful leaves outside.  See you soon for a hot cuppa something - and a little chat!

Halloween Freeby

Eat, drink and be scary!

As Halloween is edging closer, i've made a little design to greet you - and that you can grab and use as an E-Card to meet and greet your friends, inviting them over or just celebrating the longest night of the year. 

There is a reason, why Halloween for me is and will always be connected to a witty and intelligent black cat, who is my companion in the other world. I've read of the custom, to put a little bowl of milk on your windowsill on Halloween night - to feed the spirits. And i will do that to greet him. Is there a special tradition in your family, for this occasion?

One cat, two styles

A while ago, i got a commission for a cat portrait, and this print is what i came up with. It's a mixture of pencil drawing, painting, printing and a collage technique on the computer. By putting the sketch and the colored parts together this way, i can change the colors and play with them or change the textures in certain parts of the picture. I only use my own textures though, to keep it personal and true to my style.

To  illustrate this, i'll show you another version of the cat here - a green and blue one, with a softer fur:
 The second one is closer to the photo i got, but the client preferred the first one. Which one do you like better?