Be like a tree!

I never saw a discontented tree.  
They grip the ground as though they liked it, and though fast rooted they travel about as far as we do.  They go wandering forth in all directions with every wind, going and coming like ourselves, traveling with us around the sun two million miles a day, and through space heaven knows how fast and far! 
John Muir

Das ist eine Illustration die kürzlich entstanden ist, von der Yoga Übung "der Baum". Ich liebe diese Stellung, denn sie verkörpert für mich Balance, Vertrauen,  Entspanntheit und Stärke - tief verwurzelt sein und blühen. Und all das wünsche ich Euch für Ostern und für diesen ganzen Frühling. Genießt diese schöne Zeit!

This is a recent illustration of the Yoga asana "the tree". that  i love. It embodies balance, trust, relaxation and strength, being deeply rooted and bloom - and that is what i wish you for this easter and this spring! Have a lovely time and thank you for your friendship always!

watercolor & artwork: Martina Voigt-Schmid

Roadtrip to Cuba

Keep calm and smell the ocean!

Diese Fotos haben mich heute morgen auf die Reise geschickt - nach Kuba!  Die Mischung aus Lässigkeit und Eleganz, die sich vor allem durch raffinierte Details vermittelt inspirieren mich - und das Licht, das in mein Zimmer fällt ist genauso klar und sonnig heute - ich sehe das meer funkeln - Ihr auch?

These pix sent me off to a trip to Cuba this morning! The mix of cool laissez-faire and elegance inspires me - most of all, it's the details  - the chic belt, the flower, the straw-bag ---- just the small things make a special look! The sunlight, that falls into my room this morning feels so fresh and breezy - i can smell the ocean - can you?

Images: Nobody knows Marc

Doggie Love

In der letzten Zeit habe ich an einer Serie von Hundeportraits  gearbeitet - und so meine Liebe zu Hunden wieder entdeckt. Seitdem ich von zu Hause ausgezogen bin, war ich mehr eine Katzenpersönlichkeit und ich vermisse immer noch die Katze, die und jahrelang begleitet hat.

Aber, da ich mich immer noch an den sehr störrischen, originellen und liebenswerten Langhaaardackel erinnere, der der Gefährte meiner Kindheit war, gehören auch Hunde zu mir und meinem Leben.
Sie zu zeichnen und zu malen macht mir großen Spaß und ich freue mich über jeden neuen Auftrag!

Dieser Labradoodle entstand in einer Mischung aus Handzeichnung und collagierten Hintergründen, die ich gemalt und dann im Computer zusammengefügt habe, in einer Art Collage-Technik.

Recently, i've worked on some dog portraits - and - doing this,  rediscovered my love for dogs!
When i was a kid and young adult, we had a dachshound, who was a very special character - maybe more about him in a separate post. But since i moved out and founded my own family, i found myself to be more of a cat person. 

I so LOVE cats and still miss ours, who died in 2012, but - drawing and painting dogs made me aware of how wonderful and special all those different breeds are - and of course the mixtures. Such a variety of personalities and furry beauty - it's really fascinating. So working on dogs portraits is wonderful and i enjoy it very much!

This Labardoodle is a mix of handmade drawn and painted backgrounds, that i put together and edited on the computer.

3 Must Have Accessoiress for Spring!

1 Espandrilles: I love these shoes - and missed them in the past years, So great they have a grand revival this season - even Chanel picked up the trend!

2. Tiny Lady Bags: They are small, they are light, they are chic and they instantly make your outfit seem more "Together".

3. The Statement necklace: Just wear jeans and T-Shirt and revamp it with such a glam
piece - it asd SPARKLE to everything!

Who needs new clothes, when you can have these?
Have a bright and shiny monday flowers!

Photos via 1, 2, 3+4 Items on the last 2 pix by J.Crew

Happy weekend!

Have patience - all things are difficult, before they become easy ...

  Whatever is on your plate - hope you enjoy every bit of it and find your ways to celebrate April! Even if your patience is rested ... like mine.

Am having major problems with my internet yet again and MISS communicating with you in the way i'm used to. But try to concentrate in my art, the garden, things i can do the old fashooned way ... and try to sense the connectedness of me to you, to nature, to the world around. 

A friend once taught me to "breathe with everything there is" while having a walk. I love this exercise - give it a try when you find the time. Somehow, it brings everything closer. The trees, the flowers, the bumble bees - it really does make you feel alive!

This is a picture i took last year for our magazine - tiny flowers have a way to make you happy sometimes - try it!

Photo: Martine Voigt-Schmid

Be a Yoga Goddess

Yoga doesn't take time, it gives time.
Ganga White

I love doing Yoga! Yoga practice is part of my life since the age of 18 and has stayed with me since. I haven't become perfect in the poses, i'm not yet enlightened and not over-ambitious, yet the practice and i have established a steady relationship, that helps me get through the ups and downs of life and stay sane. Stretching the body is also stretching and relaxing the mind and each pose teaches you different things. 

Also, and maybe most importantly, there is meditation, which i do every morning before i start may day. It feels so good to let go of everything and just BE - breathing in, breathing out, connecting - with your own higher self and with the world. I feel, that meditation gives me a lot of energy and makes it possible, to stay present during the day.

In that way, Yoga also makes me sparkle - like a shower for the soul. Do you have a little ritual, that you love? I'd like to hear about it!

Paris in the spring

... because Paris is always a good idea!

Especially when combined with a wonderful person - like gorgeous Anita, from Castles, Crowns & Cottages, who won my Valentines Giveaway.

This is her fashion portrait in the city of LOVE, and she's wearing a  greige tutu along with a chic little sweater and white blouse to dance  beneath the blossoming trees.

I could also envision her as a  fabulous lady from the belle époque, someone who has a salon where artists and writers meet op to discuss their new work. More about this another time.

Have a bright and lovely start to your week -  can't wait to come visit and have a little chat with YOU!

A bit of art & a bit of fashion

The sweet smell of spring is in the air ...

and on my way to do some groceries i see white and pink and yellow, so fragile and so pretty! I smell something like honeysuckle and cherry blossom and the sky is baby blue. It makes me feel happy, but also a little off my usual tempo. Like i just want to sit and dream and let myself float along with the fluffy white clouds. You get it - kind of a difficult day to get some work! done 
The little painting above just swings in this mood, although it was done in the winter.

Am glad the weekend is almost here, although it's supposed to bring rain. I plan to have a stroll over the flea market and the farmers market, work on some drawings i started, meet some friends i haven't seen for a while and dive into the pages of a fabulous new magazine called Scarlet Pink. Fashion, Art, Music, Culture - just love that mix. And am doubly exited because a lovely and talented blogfriend of mine is one of the contributors - do you guess, who it is? 

Pictures: 1: Martine Voigt-Schmid, 2+3

a weekend in Paris ...

...would be just the ticket, non?

I, for my part am traveling by the means of art - using the magical powers of my sketchbook to take me, wherever i want to go. 

A new fashion sketch - a black & white story in the streets of Paris - just while i work on that portrait for Anita- hopefully over the weekend.

Do you have anything planned yet? I left it quite open, to have the space and possibility to work on my art a little - besides exploring the outdoors and looking for all these little signs of spring everywhere. This fresh, crisp green of the first leaves is one of my favorite colors in the world!

Have a fubtastic weekend ahead and see you all soon!.

Drawing: Martine Voigt-Schmid

3 hot spring trends, a portrait and a winner

Welcome to a brand new week flowers! 
Has spring started already where you are? In our little corner, i see so many signs of the seasons turning, the earth waking up. And as i got in from the garden yesterday, i also wanted to shed my old skin and revel in a sense of renewal. Am thinking of a little spring cleanse for this week - and also - about putting together some new outfits.

3 hot trends for the coming season i just spotted and instantly loved: 

Two-pieces with Caribbean Flair
(This is something i wouldn't like seeing on myself, as bold patterns don't suit me. But I'd LOVE to see this on a lot of other women as i walk through town, like on my friend, the painter and well known fashion icon Barbara von Enger - see portrait on top. At the time i did this portrait sketch of hers, she was dressed just this way and it looked awesome - and very inspiring to the artist in me.

Artist gear
Now - this is good news for me, because it means i can go out, wearing my working clothes - the ones that i paint with. My working jeans are covered in little dots of paint and so are many other things in my studio. Some accidentally ... but i can make good use of that now ;)

Comfy shoes
Tee hee - how about a pair of these covered in paint? Because that is what i wear in my studio too. And why not give those heals a break more often and stroll around town in one of those? It means, we can do more walking - which is so good for pretty legs - and beside -s i love walking!

But the main thing is: Be yourself and wear, what makes you feel great -
because that is also, what brings out the inner beauty best!
Like - the lovely winner of my Valentine Giveaway.
I'll be doing her fashion portrait very soon - so look out for it here in the next 2 weeks.

Actually, all the women and dear friends who participated in this are worth painting and i loved to read, what makes them Sparkle. More about that in the next post.

Drawing: Martine Voigt-Schmid. pix 123: