Garden of Transformations by Sabina Wörner

The studio I work in has always been a sanctuary or retreat, a garden with paintings full of floral motives and lately lucious human figures, enjoying bacchanal moments with nature in their own, specific way. My personal paradise garden, where I could create a world i didn't feel I had around me in daily life. This, combined with my experience of living in different countries and cultures led to a series of paintings: Woman, depicted between flowers that I feel relate to them. They all have in common that they lived in different cultures and have undergone an intense transformation.
There are now 12 paintings of 170 x 140 cm. There will be more.
The women are from Marocco, England, Scotland, Serbia, Ireland, Germany, Brasil, Suriname, Turkey and U.S.A. All, with one exception, are living in Amsterdam. Maybe Amsterdam is the Garden of Transformations?
Put together, the paintings create a kind of garden, a Hortus Conclusus.
There will be a large table in the middle and maybe plants and flowers. There might be soft music and inspiring essences. It will have a meditative atmosphere and preferably be presented in a part of town with a great mixture of foreigners and religions. A non-religious meeting place for a peaceful, colourful moment.
If you're interested in the project or want more information,
mail to: s.

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