Snowflakes in spring

A series of Stillifes for Polka-dot lovers, bringing a fresh breeze into grey winter days. Flower-petals, snowflakes, sun-spots, digital dots or just simply a fun pattern - dots continue to inspire my work. Now available in my shop.


  1. these are very beautiful! you are talented.

  2. Hi there Martina!

    Thank you so much for your lovely words over at the Light Garden. I am so enjoying my letter collecting! And it was such a pleasure to see you blog and your gorgeous paintings. These polka dot paintings really spoke to me in particular. They are just lovely. The top one in particular reminds me of my great grand father - he was also an artist and from Germany and did some beautiful still lifes of roses. So thank you so much and I hope to see you back of over in the Light Garden again soon!


  3. I really like these, makes me want to pick up my paints, grab a canvas and have ago.


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