Baby ferns

Ferns are so fascinating. The way they start as little curls, all brown, and later stretch themselves, like sea-plants. They seem so ancient and yet young to me. Found some beautiful photos and jewelery around the theme and will sure paint them again.

Time just flies, i can't believe it's friday again. Will be gone for a family meet up weekend with my guy until Tuesday, a birthday party in Potsdam, a beautiful town right next to Berlin. I hope you'll all have a fantastic, inspiring weekend, time to breathe, relax and savour the beginning of spring.

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  1. Oh you're right - they look like little sea horses. So sweet! Hope you had a beautiful weekend! :) xo

  2. Ferns are my favorite! You can almost see them grow.

  3. Yes, i have a big one in the garden, and the baby leaves are just starting curl.


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