Find your pleasure

Don't you start to crave flowers? I do. Sweet reminders that life is beautiful and wants to be celebrated. Have a lovely weekend and do something, you really enjoy!

By the way: i have just entered the "Let your art guide you" challenge from Emily at art'n sewl. Create one artwork each week you share with the rest of the gang every thursday - that sounds like fun. And is a good excuse to keep working! Come and join us. See details when you click the button on the left side.

Flower paintings above are from an older series that is sold already.


  1. Martina, I just came accross your blog after seeing that your comment on my blog. I love this online world as it opens up so much inspiration to us! Your art is wonderful! I just love your colors and softness. I will be back visiting often!


  2. I am so excited that you are participating and I looked through your blog earlier today. I LOVE your work!!

  3. Hi- I really can't wait to see flowers in the Spring! This has been the longest Winter :)

  4. Hi all! Thanks for your lovely comments, can't wait to share more artist dates with you, so nice to be in touch. Have a great day!


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