5 ideas to revamp a room

Lovely shades of aqua on different textures make you feel the sea-breeze!

A Floral pattern on a simple screen leaned against the wall looks like a piece of art - and makes a stuning background for a favourite piece of furniture.

A Geometric lamp against a coloured wall makes a kind of installation - simple yet very modern.

Don't you love this lamp? Pretty bags and fabrics form a unique and playful centerpiece you won't find in any shop.

Some colourful ideas to redecorate a corner in your house. It's amazing, how a piece of fabric, a bit of colour or just some objects put in a new order can create a whole new look and feel. And sometimes there's nothing better to get you started on a creative journey ... If you're a bit like me, one thing leads to another, and why not make use of that?

Dare to try something new today, something you haven't tried yet - even if it's just a new paint on one wall, a new lipstick or a new way home. What will it be for me? Hope to keep posting about it soon ;)

Images via Homes & Gardens


  1. I fell in love with that first image. So so lovely these shades of aqua!
    Hope you are enjoying a lot of sunshine too, Martina! xx

  2. Oh my, I want that floral hat...such beauty
    Happy Monday...Smile on Rosie

  3. Nice propositions; I'm looking for ideas for my home and I hesitate, I can't bear my yellow walls anymore!I love the first two pictures very very much!

  4. Dearest Martina!
    Thank you for coming to visit me; your post is so inspiring with all that color. I am really loving that aqua color this spring and I have taken your advice and have introduced bits of it with my white decor upstairs. It really does make a difference! I am also loving BIRDS too!!!

    Oh Martina, you are so wonderful and KIND and thank you for always leaving such kind compliments. It is always a joy to see your lovely face.

    Come by anytime, and I am having problems signing up to follow you! I will try again.

    Bisous mon amie, Anita

  5. I can't wait to decorate my new living space!

  6. I adore every image...that light fixture is amazing...thanks for sharing the Joy! Love a pop of colour. xoxo

  7. I love these colors - so vibrant! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. I will definitely be looking at your other pages too!

  8. Awesome pics..what ideas..love the colours and the simplicity of the geometric lamp
    coming from BPOTW

    My Yatra Diary...

  9. Hi... we are both members of Friends of Martha Blog Newwork. So I thought I would stop by.


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