Monday Love: A trip to Rome

My nephew Leo, who talks italian like a pro, with cute litte Lotti, who was the star during our trip. We loved having dinner in the Trattoria Ottello, which is worth visiting - deliciously homemade cuisine!

Fashion kids: My son Marin (with new shades!), Leo and Lotti at a family feast for the celebration of my nice and nephews kommunion and firmung (catholic sactraments)and my friend Sophies daughter Olivia at the Foro Romana (photo courtesy by her).

The Pantheon, a very impressive place we visit again and again. Even with tons of tourists trampling through each day it hasn't lost it's magic. There's tons of other places i'd like to show, these are just little glimpses of the biggest museum in the world!

My trip to the eternal city this may has also been a little excursion into summer - which doesn't want to arrive here it seems! I love the city - it's so vibrant and humming with ancient art and nowadays fashion.

The colours are gorgeous, especially in the soft evening sun: white marble, gold ochre and pale pink colored palazzi and town houses. The women have this elegant way of walking, and i've never seen men better dressed then here. Italians seem to have that natural sense of fashion and style. I'm so lucky to have my bro and family living there, - so i can return time after time. Thank you Alex & Julia!


  1. Hi Martina~
    We've just come back from Europe, and I miss it already :)
    I have yet to get to Rome-I've promised myself on the next trip :)
    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  2. Ah, to be in Rome in June!
    Your pictures are very alluring...
    A trip to Rome is in order and I shall try the homemade cuisine you mentioned above;-)

  3. What a great trip! I would love to visit Rome someday. Your kids are so cute!

  4. Bow I want to go visit Rome one day very soon. Looks like a wonderful trip, Martina!
    Wishing you a lovely Summer. xx

  5. Beautiful photos! I wish I could speak Italian fluently, it's such a gorgeous language!

  6. Thanks everybody - maybe next time i'll post a gorgeous recipe for you to try! Oh, Heather, i sooo wish to speak italian fluently as well - i's pure expression and sounds so beautiful! :)

  7. Thank you very much for your visit !!!!!
    gosh! have a wonderful blog!! I adore these hearts ...... and pictures of the cabins .... so inspired !!!!! Thank you very much, make my day!! A hug.

  8. meravigliosa Roma!!!
    grazie mile Martina

  9. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos! I'd love to visit Rome someday.

  10. I am so jealous - how lucky you are to have family there. I remember feeling very aware of what I was wearing in France and Italy. They are just beautiful at every moment. I bet their tops aren't wide open as they shop - and if they are, they have stunning bras on underneath.

  11. I can hardly believe it was a your family looks like a magazine itself! You are in the right buisness that it for sure!

    I wish you were at Annie's party too! We kept waiting for ya :)


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