Look at things in a new way

Doily dress by ArmoursansAnguish

Doily table runner - with great tutorial on how to make it - from Ashley Anne – under the sycomore

Covered Stones by Knittalatte

For example doilies - hopelessly old fashioned, would have been my first thought - until i've discovered these ideas. Now i wish i still had a grandmother, who could make some for me, to give one of these projects a go.
Maybe the next visit to the fleamarket will offer opportunities - what do you think?


  1. Oh my goodness, that dress is inspired! I really want one!

  2. That table turner looks neat!
    Great work!
    Keep going!!

  3. Those covered stones.... stunning! Wish I was a little more handy!!
    Hope your week is lovely so far, Martina. xx

  4. oh yes...i am so happy you shared this today...just recently i bought some vintage linen napkins and with them came doilies...and i thought what in the heavens am i going to do with these doilies...hmmmm...you are heaven sent my friend.

  5. I treasure the doilies my great-grandma has made for me. They make me so happy. I want to frame them, right now they just sit on my coffee table.

  6. OH these ideas sent my mind floating with pleasure to new hights!

    i make crochet all the time...they are 'old fashioned' and that's just why they retain their charm and romance..

    the table runner is something I'm already working on...but with newly made pieces of my own creations...
    but the dress is a whole wonderful new line of thought...i was thinking of embellishing t-shirts....and that would be a good thing too..but a dress....well!!!! wow!

    thrify doilies are great when you run into some...they are so pretty....and so many patterns can be found...

    if you're looking for new...i'm your girl!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  7. OMG! That dress is stunning. I can't believe it's made using doilies. Brilliant!

  8. WOw I would have thought "granny" too whenever I heard the word doilies, but now I got a few ideas! Thanks for sharing this!


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