Rendevouz with a fairy

Planet tree house

A secret studio

Enchanted place near the water

A place for the seven dwarfs

Gettaway for fairy architects

All Pictures via marie-claire maison

Aren't they cute, these little houses out in the woods? Everyday life is not allowed to enter, these are places for a rendevouz with a fairy, with your inner self, or maybe a beloved faun, who brings his flute and a picknick basket. Listening to the wind in the trees, the birds singing, the bees humming brings back harmony and a sense of calm. Come on out!


  1. oh my!
    i think i love the little castle down by the water.
    thanks for sharing these...

  2. The first photo reminds me of birdhouses, I would love to live in one like that!

  3. Now these are my idea of dreams come true! My dear father built me a play house in the backyard as a child, and what enchantment. I have not outgrown the love for such quaintness! And thank you dearest for such kind words about my post. is the time to rest and replenish. Teaching truly is a miracle; you put out, but you get so much more in return via the lives that you helped shape!

    Enjoy this fabulous weekend that will never, ever be repeated again....Anita

  4. Hello Martina,
    what a great little getaway places!
    I just wanted to give you a link for the lettering on my blog.It's a good tool and it's fun,cheers,Monika. (spell it with flicker)

  5. i wish I lived with the seven dwarfs ♥
    happy sunday Martina

  6. I'd live in the place by the water and write my own version of the novel Walden.

  7. So nice to meet you...lets sit together in one of these wonderful little houses and talk about art..and fairytales..Thank you for visiting my garden..

    hug from all of us...T.D and Company

  8. these are darling, unique and creative...i want one of my own to put here in my backyard...

    how fun would it be to make art in one of those! hehe

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  9. The colorful cabin won my heart. Love it, all these are pretty.
    Have a happy week, Martina. xx

  10. Yes! They are VERy cute! But my biggest fear would be being trapped inside of one with my kids for a day! I would lose my last marble! ...Do you even say that over there? "I have lost my marbles?" meaning my mind :)


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