Friday Pretties: A rose, a shirt and a present

Some friday prettieness: a little rose adorned shirt as a present for a cute friend. The little rose was made by my crafty friend Anne Claire - so pretty! I love wrapping presents almost as much as getting them! I hope the weekend has nice things in store for all of us ;)

"Yesterday is HISTORY
Tomorrow is a MYSTERY
Today is a GIFT
That's why it's called the 'PRESENT'"

Unknown author

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Fotos: MVS - moi!


  1. Happy friday pretties darling...........hugs from Ria.....

  2. Oooooh! I love the rose! What a crafty friend you have. :)

    Happy Friday Pretties and thanks for playing along.
    Have a fun-filled weekend,

  3. Oh what lovely pretties, too!
    You have such a creative hand;-)
    Do enjoy the weekend!

  4. Both roses are beautiful. Very pretty wrapping too!
    Have a wonderful weekend :-)

  5. What pretty roses! I love that one on the shirt, it is so sweet! :)
    Have a blessed, pretty Friday!
    @}~`}~~~ Gloria

  6. I salute your creativity which is on display in all your posts.
    Superb works!!!
    best regards
    God's own country !!

  7. I love everything about this post: the rose, the shirt, the present, AND the quote at the end. Truly inspiring.

    I wish I could make a rose that pretty on all my skirts.

    Best wishes,


  8. Oh my friend..these all win an award for prettiest pretties! That sweet rose your friend make is adorable!

    Have a great weekend...hope you get to relax. xoxo

  9. Good morning my precious friend in Germany! Lovely images, wonderful thoughts, and I bid you a fabulous weekend!!! Anita

  10. So pretty! Gorgeous little treats to start the weekend!

  11. Hi Martina, your pictures are always so pretty. I just had fun checking out your kids' mag and wish I could read German! I do love the pictures. Is that your daughter among the mushrooms? I loved those pictures so much.

  12. Martina dearest! Oh yes, faeries are always welcome here in my home, and thank you for coming and sharing such kind words. I so love creating ideas and wishing, hoping and making ideas sit on the cusp of reality!

    How are you?How is your weather? We are having a lazy beautiful Sunday, and if I get nothing done today.....THAT IS O.K>!!!

    Off to make a nice nap...enjoy the week ahead dearest one! Anita

  13. It's getting late already, sweet dreams for now and a wonderful inspiring creative new week ahead, Martina xx Herzlichst! xx

  14. very nice :)



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