Friday Pretties: Raspberry hearts

Eat your heart out - in a nice way!

On Valentines day or ... this weekend? I'm still at home, not feeling so well and phantasizing about lovely things to eat and to do once my strength is back. And look what i just found - Raspberry cream cheese pan crepes! A mix between pancakes and crepes, filled with cream cheese and fresh raspberrys. Might be good with frozen ones, too. I hope that honey & sons Ltd. will be delighted when presented with this, although they consider valentine things being girls stuff. Find the recipe here.

To lift my spirit and yours in the survival of winter, i 'm planning to make February the month of love. One day just isn't enough. Will you join me?

Photos and recipe: family fresh cooking 


  1. I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well. Being sick is not for the timid. Rest up and get better soon, my dear.

  2. Those look wonderful. Everything here looks wonderful so I have become a follower.

    I do hope you are well soon. Nothing worse than a brain full of creative ideas and a body that will not cooperate. :)

  3. sorry to hear you're still not feeling well. i think those raspberry cream cheese pan crepes look delicious.

    making february the 'month of love' sounds like a fabulous idea.


  4. A month of LOVE! now that sounds wonderful! & now you have me hungry for some raspberries. In the last few weeks I pretty much want to eat EVERYTHING I see! So this pic has me craving!!!

    Soryy you are not feeling well! That is always so hard ~ just having a lack of energy when I am sick drives me nuts! :)

    Can't wait to see what is in store for February! Take Care Martina!

  5. hope you feel better soon! I love this idea about making feb a month about love

  6. These look oh so yummy, liebe Martina. Must check the recipe right away. The photographs are absolutely inviting.
    Ich hoffe das du ganz schnell wieder laufendem sein wird (du weisst was ich meine, nicht?)
    Alles liebe xxxx

  7. Yes, Martina dahling, I'd love to join you in a month full of LOVE!! So get to feeling better so we can enjoy lovely sweets during a very sweet month :)


  8. Look at that !!! delicious !!! happy friday pretties......yammie !!! love

  9. oh no, hope you feel better soon!
    these crepes look absolutely delicious :)

  10. LOVE is not only in the air, but on the table as well, its spread around everywhere here!!
    Certainly one day isnt enough to celebrate love!
    Get well very very soon Martina :-)

  11. Drooling..... It looks yummy.
    BTW get well soon.

  12. Awwww.... so so sweet! Ok, I am hungry for something sweet now!
    I hope you feeling better today, it is no fun being sick!! I finally get a little bit better yesterday, hope you do too! sending hugs.....

  13. This is soo incredibly cute!!! Love this idea!

  14. OMG Martina this is so cute...thanks a lot for sharing this, I think I know what will I make for breakfast to my boyfriend on Valentine's Day :-)

    Happy Weekend!

    Cheers: Evi

  15. Let us declare February as THE MONTH, THE ENTIRE MONTH of love! Yes, we can all certainly benefit from that! And....these hearts with one of my FAVORITE fruits are enough to put strength back in anyone! I hope that your husband and sons do something special for you dear have really worked so hard for so long and then being deserve:

    Breakfast in bed
    A pedicure
    A new outfit
    A night out
    A vacation to a sunny spot
    A HUG!!!

    May much more come to you dearest! And thank you for visiting me yesterday; it is ALWAYS A JOY to see you!

    BISES, Anita

  16. OOOOOOO! MY COMMENT GOT EATEN UP! I am so happy to hear that you are up and about, COOKING! HAPPY DAY DEAR FRIEND! Anita

  17. That looks so good! I'm thinking of making a cookie version since crepe's cant be found around here :(

  18. Awh these are adorable and sound delish! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  19. im thrilled i found your blog and can now follow it. it is beautiful!

    the sleepy time gal

  20. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Saying a get well prayer for you dear friend.

    These hearts look very yummy! Thanks for sharing. "One" day is just not enough to celebrate love,,,I agree!

    I hope you can get some rest over the weekend and feel better soon!

    XOXO Gloria

  21. those look simply delish!
    I might have to give them a try
    hope you have a relaxing/great weekend

    ps: your comments on my blog always make me glad

  22. Another yummy temptation :) Martina, I think that's a great idea to celebrate love for the whole month of February, actually I think people should celebrate love every day !!! Have a great weekend, hope you feeling better soon,xo Monika...

  23. Those look so yummy...not to mention beautiful!
    I hope you're feeling better soon and get to enjoy the weekend!

  24. Ooh these look delicious! Adore your blog by, the way. So inspiring :)


    Camille @ Paris in Pink

  25. Oh my goodness...this makes me sooo happy today. Oh how I love hearts and pink!!!

    Hugs sweet friend.

  26. Hello there.....thanks for coming by to visit and becoming a new follower...
    Sorry you are under the weather...hopefully you will be up and about soon.

    By the way...just wanted to tell you how much I love meeting a fellow lady who adores color as much as I do. It seems as tho many of the blogs out there are all white or cream and pink and I do love meeting a fellow color-holic. (O:(O:

    have a wonderful weekend.


  27. this dish looks delish! yes, i am planning on making it a MONTH of love. xoxo

    amateur couture

  28. I hate to cook, but I think, that even I could whip up a nice batch of these lovely edible VALENTINES. How pretty they look and tasty too! My husband will be so surprised.

  29. Not only are those PRETTY! The look so Delicious! I love raspberries. Fun Valentines treat!

  30. Ohhhhh my....looks really delicious!!!
    great idea Martina, thanks!

  31. Alles liebe zu dir, liebe Martina. Ich wuensche dich einen tollen letzten Januar Tag, Hmm, das ist vielleicht einen koemischen Satz..
    Have a lovely evening, dear friend xxxx

  32. oh my goodness these look divine! I want to eat them off the screen!
    I hope you are feeling better dear!


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