New Year, new colors

Let the sunshine in! 

I've just returned from a lovely trip to Austria and Munich, meeting a lot of family and taking a break from it all. Now, January is here, looking like a white canvas, kind of empty and bland after all the opulence of christmas. A new year, a new page. a new story - hmmm, what colors am i going to use?  What plans and resolutions do i have - and how can i make my dreams come true?

The modern prints and bold flower patterns in this California bungalow designed by Krista Ewart appealed to me. It is just the mix of fresh, clean and creative that seems right to get the year of to a great start. Get rid of some old stuff and bring in some new inspiration!

A toast to 2011 and to all of wonderful you - see you soon! 

 Photos:Victoria Pearson, via House Beautiful


  1. Gorgeous pictures, really cheering! Happy New Year to you, looking forward to seeing your paintings in the months to come - they always inspire me. :)

  2. bright cheery warm colors-i need these about now!
    happy new year :)

  3. Hope you had a nice vacation Martina, I was also travelling and those colours in those photos are really beautiful.

  4. What a lovely colours! :-) Thanks for your warm words in my blog, you are lovely too :-) Happy New Year! Hugs.

  5. Hi sweet Martina!! Thanks for passying by me and happy new year! These pics are so sweet and joyful! Just the right way to start 2011! So, come and visit Rome!
    Kisses and very, very glad to meet you!

  6. Herzlich Willkommen zu Hause liebe Freundin Martina, welche Farbe du auch waehlen wirst, es wird ganz bestimmt ein tolles Jahr fuer dich. Ich hoffe du bist voellig ausgerueht. May we have a wonderful 2011!
    Alles liebe, xxxx bis bald on fb oder hier ^_~

  7. Dear Martina, it is good to start the year with good taste and savoir faire, well done!!!
    I love it!
    Happy New Year, guapa!!!!

    A big hug,

  8. Oh Martina....first of all, I HAVE MISSED YOU SO! Secondly, your colors are outstanding and so fresh...thirdly, I am so glad that you had this time away from the stress that gets us BOTH! I had the most relaxing time. Our addition is ALMOST DONE!!! It will take the rest of the month however, to paint, get the floor set, then move in!

    So you had a great time with family? How wonderful. Yes, this winter will give us all time to ponder over what color will grab us this year. Your colors here are tempting! I am going for my aqua however in my décor, and that is going to be a huge change!

    Sending you warm hugs of friendship, Anita

  9. I am soaking up this post, with these gorgeous colors, like Sunshine!!! Oh it all just makes me happy! Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. Loving this! It definitely brightens up the winters here! XX!

  11. What a happy happy place!!!
    I hope you can find the colors of the New Year soon :) I'm sure you will.
    Happy 2011!

  12. Is that your lovely home my friend...I sooooo want that sweet kitchen...please please tell me it is your kitchen....I can just see you sitting in it sipping tea!

    Glad you are back safe and sound...missed you. xoxoxo

  13. Very refreshing! I love the last photo with the green and the blue. This almost makes me wish for spring, but I still want to get a good snow storm before that. :)

    Happy New Year!

  14. oh my goodness......2011 is going to be fresh and beautiful with this color palette in the forefront!! these photos are gorgeous.......thanks for sharing so much happiness with us!! many hugs for the new year!! xo, :))

  15. beautiful and refreshing
    happy new year

  16. Welcome back Martina.. I am sure you had a great time travelling:-)
    With all these bright and happy colours as inspirations, your canvas looks all set to spread loads of positivity and cheer around..
    Keep letting the sunshine in.. I look forward to all your fabulous art impressions in this year as well!
    Have a great day:-)

  17. dear martina...
    welcome home. i hope you had a most wonderful holiday! i am LOVING this new palette. i am in need of some BIG changes around my home and this was great inspiration.
    thanks as always.
    happy new year to you too sweet one!

  18. So happy you had a good trip Martina! My husband studied a semester in Austria and he always tells me wonderful stories about it.

    What beautiful images to start the new year!
    Cheers to 2011!

  19. Can the color be the same as last year, and the year before? (and probably the three years before that?) Pink is for me! Strange that I rarely wear it, no walls in that color in my house, but I always feel a soft smile inside when I see it. That kitchen with the pink is adorable!

    Thanks for hanging around my blog while I was missing in action!


  20. Oh there is so much happiness here...these colors and the bright white just make me feeling like jumping up and down and running!!!! MARTINA, I DID MISS YOU SO!!! And yes, I had a fabulous two weeks off, but this Monday, I returned back to the classroom. Yesterday, TUesday, I had a long meeting after school, only to get home in the dark. I was unable to SEE all the beautiful work the builders had done. They are almost COMPLETED! TODAY, Wednesday, they are cutting the opening up into the old structure! So, we are really going to feel connected, FINALLY! We should be ready to paint and move in by the end of this month! I am too excited for words! THANK YOU FOR VISITING and do have a pleasant day, free from stress...just think of the beauty of friends and family......BISOUS, Anita


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