Friday Pretties: A studio, a crepe and a birthday boy!

A sneek peek into my studio
where i hope to be working this weekend, and start catching up with all my unfinished paintings there. I can't wait to have more creative time again and will start scheduling that from next week on. Time to set "Bloom" (my Motto for 2011)  in motion, as the first green buds are visible in the garden now!

Yesterday, we had cherry crepes with vanilla cream cheese for tea - a little celebration for my youngest boy Marin, who turned eighteen and happens to love pancakes and sweet treats of all kinds! He will be going out to town with friends tonight, but yesterday, since it was a normal school-day, we had a family afternoon at home and it was lovely. There is something about having big boys, i thought. As much as i miss having small kids sometimes, i adore having more space for myself again, and, since my kids are both creative people themselves, it's great to be able to talk to them as friends. We still are very close, but now, they (almost) stand on their own feet and occasionally even try to fly a few meters!

 The last picture, that's Marin, seen by Robin, his older brother who takes a lot of photos and does fashion shoots for our magazine. He looks like a pianist there, which he really is for he got so good on the piano lately. But the thoughtful posture is only one side of him - he can be awfully funny and witty.

Have a lovely weekend, with everything you like and a special treat
 just for yourself. See you very soon!

Photos: 1st: Martina Voigt-Schmid, 2nd: Aquired taste, 3rd: Robin Benito
Recipe here,  more Friday Pretties here!


  1. Gorgeous images Martina! Have a great weekend too,
    love Maaike

  2. HaPpY BiRtHdAy Marin! Oh yes, how they grow. My youngest the girl is 23. And my son who is 25 just told us last weekend we are going to be grandparents for the first time!!

    Your art work is wonderful I really love the one just above the desk with what I believe is a dancer.

  3. Your studio looks wonderful and creative! The crepes look Yummy and Happy Birthday to your boy! I, too, have big boys and I do love this stage in life. I have also enjoyed a little time for myself and am enjoying the friendships that are emerging with my older boys now that I don't have to "Mommy" them so much! (Just a little)
    Happy happy Friday!!!

  4. I must say your art work is the one on the floor ..all pink & sparkley the one of the woman with her arm on the moody & reflective!..You have a very handsome boy..sounds like you have a great relationship with your sons!..I have two girls 20 & 21 they are delightful and fun & it is very rewarding to see them mature!...
    Love your cherry pancakes..I love cherries!...but for now more friday pretties & a latte!

  5. happy birthday and your artwork is great. you should be proud of yourself.

  6. Happy birthday to Marin! Those crepes look very yummy, I am sure they were. It sounds like you had a very nice celebration visiting with your family...the best kind!

    Your art studio is very inspiring. I love how your paintings just seem to dance with light, they are gorgeous!

    I hope you have a fun weekend creating...:)

    Gloria xoxo

  7. I love your blog Martina and will be following your work. You have such a lovely creative space there.
    Thank you for visiting my blog too!
    Susan x

  8. My beautiful, fabulous and lovely is over, the work week is finally over and I am so tired. It is too much to try to teach WELL, 50 children. I am staying home to enjoy my new home, my writing, my drawing, my friends like you. THOSE CRÊPES....OMG. Your darling sons.....what a blessing. And your studio...dearest, you have really shown me how to use colors, or at least appreciate them more. THANK YOU and thank you for still loving my little card. You are so kind.....have a relaxing and marvelous weekend, Anita

  9. Happy Birthday to Marin! You're lucky to have two talented boys. The cherry crepes look so tasty, mnnn...... and what a treat to see more of your work, hope you have creative and satisfying weekend in your studio, xo Monika.

  10. happy birthday wishes~

    those crepes look delicious! how i miss crepes ...

    good luck with your painting projects this weekend.
    thanks for stopping by. (i love your "romantic cowgirl" description for my card case)!

  11. Happy Birthday wishes! I love want you have in your studio those paintings are beautiful!

  12. Birthday wishes.
    Talented children,good...
    Have a nice weekend.

  13. Happy Happy Birthday to your birthday boy.....your images are stunning!!!

    Sending you oodles of joy for a great weekend my friend. xoxoxo

  14. Gorgeous pics. I'm officially in love with your studio (and the amazing pictures you have on there) + the cherry crepe looks SO yummy (never seen cherry crepes before). Last but not least happy birthday to your older boy, the pianist. I love your blog. All the best, talk soon

  15. happiest of birthday wishes to your birthday boy. love all of your beautiful images, martina. it's always so pretty over here, your site is one of my favorite places to visit.


  16. I want to keep seeing your lovely art work. But I have to ask, what do you do with so many paintings? Do you sell them where you live or just keep them?

  17. Belated birthday wishes to Marin:-) Your studio looks really neat, It actually feels great to peak in an artists studio!
    Hope you are having fun playing with all the colors there!
    Have a lovely week ahead:-)

  18. Maria: Yes, i sell my paintings, if i can ;) I used to work with a professional gallery in switzerland who sold a lot, but since 3 years they are bankrupt and for now, i'm on my own. I do organize art events with a friend sometimes, and sell from home. I was studied modern art but now, my main occupation is being an editor and a designer. I long to put more energy in art again and think about opening my own e-store ... let's see!

  19. I do really enjoy your paintings..they are marvelous. I love the use of colours!! You have a fantastic talent :)

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