Friday Pretties: Small collages

"I work in whatever medium likes me at the moment!"

Some more small canvases with a mix of painting and collage, a playful approach i like at the moment. It's fun to play with colors, while the world around us is doing the same, adorning trees with fluffy pink blossoms and tender green leaves. 

While everything is getting brighter and more and more pretty around me, i can't help having this sad and burdened feeling underneath, because of the nuclear catastrophe in Japan. When i see Cherry-trees, i think of those people who like them so much,  and who have to bear terrible uncertainty as to what is happening to them. And to a certain degree, it is happening to all of us. All the more reason to be grateful and cherish life the best we can.

Have a splendid spring weekend, i'll be coming over and visit you for tea (or champagne?) anytime!

Photos and paintings: Martina Voigt-Schmid
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  1. I always enjoy your paintings :) So colourful and full of life. I can't help but still be sad and concerned for the people in Japan, they are in much need of something colourful and hapy in their lives & most of all safe. I just hope it will come soon for them!! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  2. Japan is in my thoughts and prayers...
    love your paintings~ such great color combos :)
    have a wonderful weekend, martina!

  3. Good morning wonderful friend. Oh, your colors, and those little wrapped goodies in that LUSCIOUS BLUE AND PINK PAPER are intriguing! Yes, the events in the world are still swirling about us and only make me become more grateful for every day and every ONE in my life...including all of you. Come on over for some champagne later tonight. I have a new post to work on today!!! BISOUS, Anita

  4. Hi Martina.....what a nice thouhts are also with Japan......all that poor peoples......lovely love

  5. Beautiful as always! I guess we were both in the mood for some bright, happy colors today. Thank you for always being such a pretty part of my Friday Pretties.
    Also, thank you for the reminder of the people in Japan. My heart aches for them and what they are enduring during this horrible tragedy.
    Enjoy your Friday,

  6. Pretty!
    Yes, we should enjoy our lifes us much as we can and as long as it is only possible

  7. What a nice paintings! I hope one day I can try it also!

  8. Beautiful, the cherries are just so refreshing.. Seeing all the colors around, can we ever even imagine nature really can be so cruel.. As to what the japanese people are undergoing at the moment, its just unimaginable..
    Have a lovely weekend, dear:-)

  9. Aw, that cute cute cupcake caught my eye, liebe Martina. The colors you use are very very happy and vibrant. I like your style!
    Have a haPpY HaPPy weekend, sweet friend xxxxx Gibt es bei dir auch Sonne? xxxx

  10. love the colorful small canvases, martina. so pretty!

    i'm with you on japan. it's like a grey layer of sadness covers everything in reference to their country, culture, and people.


  11. I really love mixed media collages. These are beautiful!

    I agree with you Martina, it is so hard to know so many people are in suffering and pain while we continue to live our lives....its so good to keep remembering and help in ways that we can -especially offering our prayers.

    Wishing you a good spring weekend!

  12. A lovely thoughtful post Martina...and I love the colours on your canvases combined,
    Have a lovely weekend...and maybe even some champagne!
    Susan x

  13. Oh Martina these are just gorgeous! I really love the last photo showing them all together.

    Have a lovely weekend, sweetie! And thank you so much for sharing your beauty secrets :) xoxo

  14. Beautiful collage, I especially LOVE those colors!

  15. OH, Martina!!!! VERY pretty!!! :)

    I JUST love these!! All of them are very gorgeous, and inspiring paintings! Thank you so much for sharing them, and for all of the other little slices of heaven you share with all of us here on your beautiful blog. Your thoughts about Japan are so heartfelt. I am continuing to pray for them.

    xoxo Gloria

  16. What a perfectly delicious medium...I love the whimsy and generous serving of yummy color.
    Thank you for this lovely tea party and kisses...Rosie

  17. sehr schön! liebe grüße

  18. MARTINA!!!! YOU CAME! Your name is in the pot for a chance for the blue bird wand!!! TA DAH! May you have luck and wave it around to bring happiness ! teeeeheeee......Oh dearest, I have had such a fun week. This weekend I will relish with gusto as it will be my last of a relaxing time. Stress is on the horizon, but I need to manage that better....coming here however, helps, for your colors and soft spirit just pick me up every time!


  19. Aren't those the happiest paintings ever!! the colors draw me in & the fat shapes make me smile! I hope you have art shows to show people your work!!! I want everyone to be able to enjoy them!

    So you almost had your son in the parking lot huh? :) I would LOVE to take you up on that cup of tea & listen to you tell THAT story! I cxan't imagine!!! I am not having a ton of contractions but they were going to try to induce me so my mom could be here...she is leaving for a tulip cruise in Amsterdam on the 8th & I really want her to be here! Now they probably won't try again until the at least I get another try! :) Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  20. Pretty, the colours makes me smile.
    I hope you have a great weekend.

  21. Such happy little adorable paintings! So full of energy and life :)

    Thank you, Martina, for your kind thoughts. You have such an artful way with words that both Richie and I went "Ahh, how sweet is she to send this our way."

    Love to you, dahling,


    Oh dearest, did you have a fabulous SUNDAY? SO DID WE! I peeled off my winter coat and just walked around, looking at antiques FREE WITH NO BIG COAT! And I have a beautiful bouquet of daffodils and tulips that a marvelous friend gave me yesterday; this beautiful arrangement reminds me of YOU!!!!

    HAPPY DAY DEAR ONE and let's start the work week with a smile....Anita

  23. Hi Martina...such a bright uplifting post..what a dazzling scene of your wonderful beautiful!! Fantastic as always! Yes we are so lucky and we should cherish our lives and all that we have..others are going through so much challenge. Shine on...keep creating and share your uplifts the universe!

  24. These are beautiful my are soooo talented...xoxoox happy new week.

  25. Your colors are so bold and wonderful. I love your message and your beautiful artwork.'

  26. Your paintings bring such joy to me on this bleaky Monday - they celebrate the feeling of early spring - the colours, spirit and details are a wonderful reflection of the person that is You. XX

  27. These are my favorite of yours ever!!! So bright, beautiful and happy!
    i agree in your sadness over the suffering in Japan...

  28. Delightful! I have a special love for art with food in it - would love to fill my kitchen wall with your bright paintings.


  29. Pero como me gustan tus obras, son geniales.

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