Monday Love: Cherry blossoms

 Little spring treasures
Some photography, playing with white blossoms, a shocking pink felted bag and a green tea-bottle i had to buy in a café last week - just because it looked so nice! And some sea-creatures i found at the flea-market. The white blossoms have been blown away by April winds since - a reminder to really cherish and enjoy everything, before time is dancing away with it! Hope your week starts smooth and lovely!

The winner of my giveaway - names were put in the pink bag and picked out of it -
is Poppies and sunshine, a blog i really like. I'll send you a mail on how to proceed with your photo to get the jigsaw. Congrats! 

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. This is just wonderful...Especially Love the white blossoms, just refreshes you up!
    Have a great week ahead :)

  2. o my o my, that bottle!!! *inlove*...congratulations to the winner!!!


  3. Beautiful flowers.Loved that round sea creatures shell.Have a nice week ahead.

  4. Cherry blossoms and Dogwoods are my favorite spring blossoms! And good choice on the tea;) I drink that often!
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend Martina, and I so appreciate you checking in on me:)

  5. pretty selection of spring inspirations, enjoy first week of May!

  6. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful surprise to have on this Monday! I am SO excited!!! Thank you!!! My email is:

    I love the beautiful colors in your photographs! So so pretty!

  7. Wowwww that bottle is so nice !! congratulations to the week !

  8. MARTINA my dear! Here I am at school, but loving taking a small break to visit this darling post. Martina, would you believe that we got SNOW THIS MORNING? I also wanted to garden this weekend, but was unable to do so due to high winds and chilly air. My spirits are NOT down, however, because I have great friends like you. Enjoy all the sunshine you have, and I hope you have a stress-free week. LOVE THE PHOTOS!!! Anita

  9. LOvely photos!!! I love these colors together! I bought one of these teas today to drink except mine was in a can. The bottle is prettier, I didn't see one where I was at though. I enjoyed the refreshing tea, for it was warm here today...:)

    Congrats to Poppies and Sunshine! She does have a very beautiful blog, and is such a sweet lady!

    Have a wonderful week!! :)


  10. Lovely compositions Martina! As I am writing this comment it's hailing here. Lucky that our fruit trees are not in bloom yet. Have a great week and
    congrats to the lucky winner, xo, Monika.

  11. So beautiful my friend...I have collected a few of those green tea bottles pretty to throw away.

    Sending you sunshine skies all week long. xoxoxoxo

  12. Well, this post brings some sunshine to my day :) I love blossoms & this bottle is very beautiful!! Thank you for your I sit still waiting, but I am sure the baby will come soon, I think he/she needs to be fashionably late ;) Thanks for brightening up my day!! Have a beautiful week :) xxx

  13. I think they do look very nice, liebe Martina. Die Farbe sind einfach wunderbar! Einjoy a lovely Tuesday, sweet friend. We are in Rehoboth beach at the moment, will fly back of Washington tomorrow afternoon.
    Much love alwyas xxxx

  14. OH wow, such great color combo, the white bloom with shocking pink and green, you not just have an artist eye, you have GREAT ARTIST EYE!!!

  15. Me encanta la combinación de colores en estas fotos!
    Brava brava brava Martina,

    Un abrazo,

  16. lovely !
    ~Arizona Green Tea is a long time favorite of mine

  17. Oh my mouth is watering for some cherries now after seeing those beautiful cherry blossoms! I love spring with all of its yummy textures and colors and soft petals that will turn into something again.

    Have a beautiful week, dahling :)

  18. Those blossoms and your photos are so pretty! I too have just photographed the buds from flowering trees... they are singing "SPRINGtime!"

    ~ Violet

  19. Such beautiful photos Martina, I love the colors they are so cheery and bright. The white blossom are so pretty, I can't wait until our trees have blooms on them. :)
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  20. Good morning CHERRY BLOSSOM GIRL! Oh Martina, we are still having awful weather! TODAY IS MORE COLD but with rain, not snow, like on MONDAY!! Yes, this is to be expected because I always remember tiny little plants that start growing sometimes get a blanket of snow upon them; it is the nature of things I guess! BUT I ONLY HAVE 6 weeks left of school and I AM SO HAPPY!!!!! I want to play with all of you in blogland!!!! Thank you for visiting dearest; you are sooooooo wonderful!!!! BISOUS, Anita

  21. Thank you Sweet Martina for your encouraging words. I appreciate you. BTW, chocolate, tea & a cupcake sounds nice...which is funny because that is what I've been craving/eating (ha). My baby is kicking me saying he likes it too! Hugs.

  22. gorgeous photos!! i especially love the sea urchins......fabulous!! xo

  23. Hi Dear Martina
    Great colours and subjects!! Love your blossoms and love that tea flask.. so sweet.. and of course love the sea urchins....

    Hope you are having a fab week.. thanks for your sweet comments.. ciao xxx Julie

  24. I like what you said..."to really cherish and enjoy everything, before time is dancing away with it." So true!

    What gorgeous photos! :)


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