Friday Pretties: Paris fashion

What makes french women special?
Are they really special in the way they look and dress, or is it more the myth of Paris, being the City of love, lights, fashion, art and style, we project on to them? Looking at a lot of pictures - from my own memory and experience, and from magazines and blogs i'd say, french women are very feminin - and they enjoy to be so, even if they look "gamine", like the girl in the first picture here. (I just got me a leopard blouse like that, ha!)

They know how to combine elegance with playfulness and a sexy nonchalnace. I've always enjoyed seeing the women in Paris, women of all ages, being dressed up in such an inspiring way. Putting together an outfit, like a work of art - which in some ways, it really is.  So, wether in Paris or not, let's not forget that dressing up nicely -  and a little daring  - makes life, street life anyway, more interesting and beautiful - not just for ourselves, but also for others. (A good excuse to schedule a little shopping soon, huh?).

All the pictures i show you here are taken by incredibly talented street fashion photographer Vanessa Jackmann. Her blog is so full of beautiful women it drives me crazy ;) You can read an interview with her here.

More fantastic Paris inspiration for your weekend at the linkup party, hosted by my friend Anita from Castles Crowns and Cottages here.
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  1. OMG this is the most beautiful representation of Paris fashion and you know why? Because amongst these young beauties is a mature woman who looks SIMPLY GORGEOUS!!! Beauty knows NO BOUNDS...and this is so fabulous my friend, SO FABULOUS!!!! Is this your post for tomorrow? SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE!!!!! Anita

  2. I love Paris fashion, everything is so effortless and pretty!! They really know how to dress for their body types! I will look at the links too!! Happy friday lovely..enjoy!!! xx

  3. Well said my friend, well said..."ALL SEASONS" must be represented when it comes to beauty and that is what I love about the French; they see beauty and elegance as a potential garment for any age....WHAT FUN THIS IS GOING TO BE !!!! Anita

  4. Hi Martina!
    I have a leopard print shirt too! I love all these outfits and all the hairstyles!
    I've been doing the same thing ~ reminiscing about Paris, France ~ my time there as a young woman. Inspired by Anita's post for tomorrow, I've been looking at all things French this week!
    Merci, Merci et bon weekend!

  5. Beautiful and so inspiring...
    Wishing you a lovely weekend Martina,
    Susan x

  6. ooh la la.... those outfits are way too cute!!!
    Happy Friday my friend! : )

  7. Oh how adorable....I so do agree with you...French women can make anything work. I want to be a French WOMEN!!! Great great post.

  8. Lovely shots! I do love that faux print style!

  9. Ooooh la la, there's no place like Paris for fashion.

  10. How inspiring! Makes me want to dress up more!
    I'm joining in the Paris party too, what fun!

    ~ Violet

  11. Paris fashion is certainly the best! In love with it all!

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! xo

  12. MY SWEET MARTINA!! OH DEAREST, thank you for visiting my silly post and enjoying my drawings!!!! I LOVE PARIS because not only for the obvious reasons, but because I CAN DREAM THERE....every nook and cranny and corner speak so much magic to me! I so love YOUR POST HERE...gosh that older woman is so gorgeous!!!!!! BISES MA BELLE and have fun today, Anita

  13. Gosh, so inspired by these photos amazing....

  14. Oh la la .....i missed your post is that possible???? is nice to be with you in Paris...great and van

  15. Your post on Paris is beautiful, Martina. Love your words too. I can sit for hours in Paris enjoying a latte and watch watch watch people passing by. The background, I mean the buildings, are so very very beautiful too dans le cite d'Amour.
    But, hey, we are in Germany and The Netherlands ... enjoying the wonderfulness of our countries.
    Einen guten Nacht, liebe Freundin. Und geniess vom Fruestueck Morgen, Sonntags sind immer sehr geeignet fuer ein grosses, leckeres Fruestueck! o xx o xx o xx o

  16. Enjoyed your post...I just love your paint plate in the top right side of your sweet blog!
    So good to meet you through Anita's Paris party...following along!

  17. These women are so real!
    Lovely photos.
    Thanks for sharing them with us thanks to Anita !
    Sending you some love from the Netherlands.

  18. I love the way all these women wear their clothes. They all look lovely and so very comfortable.

    Thank you for the inpsiration!

  19. Martina I do believe that French women carry themselves in a certain way. They do have a feminine aura and fabulous fashion sense.

    Come and see my post for Anita's Paris Party!

    Art by Karena

  20. Bonjour Martina,

    It was great to meet you and discover your blog.
    Hasn't this party been fun and so glad that Anita invited us all.
    The French women are always so chic and elegant and love all the fashionable Ladies you have shared here.

    Happy weekend

  21. Hi Martina,
    I started the Paris party in the morning and then got called away most of the day. I love your take on the party by focusing on Paris women: "french women are very feminin - and they enjoy to be so." That sums it up. It's always great to hear from you.

    Have a lovely day,

  22. Bonjour
    In my eyes, it is always about Parisian fashion whether individuals on the streets of Paris or on the fashion catwalk.
    They know about timeless elegance and style and the women know it is always about beauty from within.

  23. Hello new artsy friend! Thought I would pop back over and comment on your know blogger has been weird lately, right? Of all times for the friends bar to be down...well mine is back up if you want to link up with me.
    Had a blast yesterday... I've never done anything like that before!

  24. Oh my dear Martina, THANK YOU for your kind, kind words here!!!!! I had such a wonderful time yesterday, and still am having so much fun visiting everyone and receiving MUCH MORE than I had expected in one day. I so love everyone's choices...FASHION, FOOD, ARCHITECTURE, POEMS, EVERYTHING!!! I too spent time in the garden yesterday in between party hopping and today bought more basil to have handy for my famous BASIL/GOAT CHEESE STUFFED BURGERS!!!! Oh are they is rainy here, but it is perfect for a nap. Off to sleep a bit...have a lovely evening of ITALIAN FOOD!!! Anita

  25. I love the haircut on the first girl!
    It is a fun topic to consider...I didn't know about the fashion blog you mentioned but do watch the Sartorialist.

  26. I spend alot of time in Germany, Paris and and in other regions of france. French women are more feminine than German women in general, although there are always exceptions. I find Caribbean women very feminine and sensuous too.
    Even more so than the French. I love the second girl, what personality.:-)

  27. SO very pretty!!! All of them! My favorite is that linen coat in the second photo. Simply beautiful!! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend dear friend!


  28. i love that girl in second photo....

    very stylish... good...

    today best deals...


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