Fly away with me ...

... in my little yellow plane!
Well - it's not really mine, but i'd love to own it, so i could come visit you all at weekends. Wouldn't that be fun? It really belonged to a very friendly gentlemen, who allowed our kids to sit in it and have fun with it, while Robin was taking pictures for our last KidsLife fashion shoot. 

We had a great time at this little airport, all green and airy and with enough space to contain a bunch of wild boys that were supposed to model clothes. And look how cool they posed and played along! Also, their big sisiter was - wow - a natural at modelling, so pretty! Last photo: yours truly with her big son (who is wearing a T-shirt he got when he was 9 years old, decorated by my art sister Andrea ;))

Photos: Robin Benito, Susann Pfeifer


  1. Ahh..beautiful children!! Such sweet faces!! I would love to ride in this plane..I've never seen one so close. It would be great to feel the air while flying around!! I would fly it to the beach :)) Hope you have a beautiful day flower!! xx

  2. great photos!especially the last one ;)

  3. Adorable pics, real cute and the same can be said of the last one too ;) I already have got my bags packed! Cant wait any longer to take this flight, Martina!

  4. Ahhhhh....boys WILL be boys...all sweet and fun. are so beautiful! And wouldn't that be splendid, to just jump into a special little plane that would allow us to visit each other in a blink of an fabulous. Your son is darling as you are....oh, have a terrific weekend! I am having so much fun, Anita

  5. Oh so sweet !!!...i see a wonderful puppy tooo!!!...enjoy your

  6. Hello Martina,thanks for your lovely comment on my blog,just say that I love your fly away post,so cute!have a beatiful day...

  7. Hi Martina!
    That plane is so cute!! And I could really use it right now as I am ine hour into a 25 hour car ride home from our vacation at the sea :). Rocco is singing constantly! W would look a lot cuter in that adorable plane :) hope you are well!

  8. Dearest friend,

    I had a magnificent morning, starting at 3:00am!!!! At 7:30am, we drove out with friends to one of our local lakes, took a BIG WALK, then went to the waterfalls off of the main creek. Our city is so beautiful with many things to do!!!

    THANK YOU FOR VISITING SWEET ONE!!! And continue that dreamy day! Anita

  9. Liebe Martina, ich liebe diesen Post. The planes are beautiful and such a wonderful setting! I can imagine the joy and laughter. The picture of you and your son is beautiful, worth framing!
    einen schoenen Abend xoxoxoxo

  10. Beautiful photos. The children look as if they are having a lot of fun and you have captured that.

  11. Wonderful photos Martina....and such a lovely pic of you and your boy....gorgeous!!
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Susan x

  12. Martina!!! YOU CAME TO NOWHERE with Minny and her little polka dot bikini!!teeheeee Tea Rat got fat over the winter and cannot fit into his inner tube from last year!

    And yes dearest, I love the morning...3:00am-4:00 is my best time.....because once the day starts, there are too many other things to do!

    HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND; we are expecting severe weather tonight for it is very hot here but with the rain coming, it is a recipe for tornados......oh dear..think of us out here!

    BISES, Anita

  13. Now that looks like fun my sweet are so darling! Hugs for a wonderful weekend.

  14. Martina....... Thank you so much .....
    Package arrived today .....mine was also already on its way so .......
    I am enjoying it and also love the beautiful card : ALLES LIEBE I saw your name on the back !
    I will let you know whwn I saw and read everything ! Happy weekend !

  15. Martina, How fabulous!
    What a fun day! And you are gorgeous, isn't it a strange feeling to have our children be taller than us?!? We look in their faces and see them at age 5... and then they just sprout up!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  16. Hello there beautiful one! Oh Martina, how fabulous YOU would look in that yellow coat on my post, with your golden hair? YES, COLOR!!! Oh what a perfect day we are having today, after those violent winds from last night! I am so loving the smells, sounds and colors of summer. ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF COLOR MY FRIEND! Anita

  17. What an adorable shoot!
    And my goodness you are so stunning! What a great pic of you and your son!
    Hope you enjoy the weekend!

  18. The pictures are amazing, I am loving these shots of your children. They are so beautiful!
    By the way, thank you for leaving such a nice comment on my blog! I am already your follower- I love your blog!
    Have a nice weekend :)

  19. What an adorable set of photos with the children and airplane!

    Martina,,,I seriously thought at first you were the big sister (the model you were writing about)! You look way too young to have older children. You are a beautiful lady!


  20. How did I miss this post?! This is wonderful. What adorable kids and YOU, Martina are beautiful!


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