A colorful home

A home is... where you feel comfortable. It's not a precious show home but a place where dogs can jump on the sofa and you can put your feet up.
 Lisa Whatmough

I love this easy and colorful style mix in the home of Lisa Whatmough, a member of the mydeco design boutique,  who makes exquisite  furniture with a modern twist. 

She says: "Take my advice... don't base your furniture on a paint colour. If you're unsure about choosing colours, start by collecting objects that you love colour–wise. My friend chose her new shop colour on a pair of pink marigolds

How cute is that?  If you love flea markets and garage sales, you'll adore Squint's pretty patchwork furniture in East London. Each piece is lovingly created using swatches of modern and vintage fabrics, very individual and artsy. 

Awww, sometimes i dream of having my own fabric collection - hope i'll get around to it one day! Is there some creative project you are dreaming about?


  1. off to check the links out...i love the wall color and the mix of patterns!

  2. I love colors !!...great home !!..enjoy a happy weekend darling.........love love Ria....xxx..

  3. What fun and beautiful decorating! I could for sure see your lovely artwork being turned into a fabric line. Go for it! Whenever you have the time to?? Life is so busy..isn't it!! :)

    I dream about so many projects they are hard to keep track of in my mind. Sewing, drawing and writing a children's book, ART..ART, ART... house decorating, a better garden...the list is really long...:)


  4. I went and checked out the site and its wonderful. The colors and all the goodies is just...swoon! I like that mirror and curtains in the above photos.

  5. Fun colors always liven the places! The room looks very very good place to spend your life in!!
    You will soon have your own fabric collection, you are creative enough, dont forget to send me some first creations!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend Martina:)

  6. Oh how I wish I could make my home nicer...The boys are just so rough on it that I am tired of spending money on it...adn I get after them & give them lots of punishments :) But they are rough! Martina you would be shocked to hear what bo has been doing, Bleach on my favorite rung today...last week a knife to my sofa! So I look at these pics & wish I could fix 'er up but I just think...what a waste of money...next week he will brun the place down! Rough Day :) Hope your was better :) I will NEVER forget to put the bleach spray up out of reach for even a few minutes again.

  7. I love the first photo..gorgeous atmosphere!! I'd love to get fabric and cover somethings I have here with it..will have to learn and do it one day!! I hope you have a great weekend!! And thanks for the comment, it is frightening isn't it..I'm glad I don't use much make-up and make sure to wash my face too, I never thought about it that way until I watched the video, scary!! Have a sunshine day!! xx

  8. GOOD MORNING DEAREST! YOur post FINALLY POPPED UP..I tell you, my European friends' posts get here late....but what bliss. My theme this weekend will be my home, so please, just stop by later tonight or tomorrow...I will leave the door open for you!

    I love this philosophy on the home. WHEREVER YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE!!! ABSOLUTELY. I love comfortable ELEGANCE where you can put you feet up but also a place where the patina of vintage whispers mysteries of the past....WHO DID THIS OLD painting belong to? Who sat in these chairs? I LOVE IT!

    Much love to you today, Anita

  9. Interesting post, I enjoy reading and learning.... those patchwork furniture are gorgeous!!! I know already that I would be in love with your fabric collection for sure!!!You have such good eyes for colors, everything in your collection will be great!!! : ) have a fun-filled weekend my friend!!!!

  10. very pretty home! I am not gutsy enough to use so much colour

  11. I love the teapots in the kitchen! I love color but it has to be sophisticated and sultry for me. You of course have a great eye for color and design! xo

  12. MARTINA!!! YOU CAME!!! Oh dearest, your comments and the fact that you STEPPED INTO MY OWN HOME just send tingles of joy up my spine, REALLY!!! Yes, I love every inch of this little house on the hill, in Minneapolis. It is a fine community, wonderful neighbors..QUIET and close to Ruben's work. Lakes and rivers beautifully grace our city and if you are ever in MINNESOTA, you know where to come.


    Oh, teeheee...you like my photo on the settee? LOVE TULLE SKIRTS!

  13. Hi Martina,

    I love all the wonderful bright colours around this home. Must be such a fun and happy place to live, and the quote is great...
    I couldn't agree more, a home does have to be comfortable.

    Happy weekend

  14. Oh I love this home! The pops of color are GREAT! And I checked out the website and I just love all the furniture! It's so happy.

  15. Wow, wow, wow!!!
    I've never stumbled upon these pics before. What fun things!
    Thanks for the prayers :)

  16. These are fantastic rooms! Love all of the textiles and colors.



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