Summer adventures

"I believe cats to be spirits come to earth.  A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through." 
Jules Verne

 Meet Mr. Itzig, our cat. He loves to play hide and seek and he loves tuna-fish and he loves to be cudlled - a lot! Sometimes, i wonder, what he's up to when we are gone. It's always hard leaving him behind, since he's such a social little fellow and so much part of the family. Am here for a day and will come visit you later!

Photo: Robin Benito


  1. I have two....cats....and both SO different!!! But never a dull moment;)!!! Wouldn't want to miss them, always in a hurry to get back home to them.....and my children offcourse;)))


  2. What a sweet cat.....welcome home from

  3. What a lovely cat you have! I have a special little guy too! His name is Edward and he came to our door last October with a broken tail. He no longer has his tail but he has a home! (And has made our house a home again after loosing our beloved doggie last summer!) How can people live without a cat or a dog or another pet? Love the quote too! Guess Jules verne had a few feline loves too!
    Please join me at my history blog - I'd love to have you along! My latest post actually comes from your beautiful country!

  4. Very sweet!! I hope your travels have been wonderful and you've been relaxing!! Wish you a wonderful day!! xx

  5. It was a pleasure to meet Mr Itzig! How adorable he is :-)
    Hope you are having a wonderful time travelling :)

  6. YOU ARE BACK MON AMIE!!!! Take your time; come when you can. I missed you very much! AND i am sure that your darling feline missed you terribly!!! MARTINA, I go back to school in nine days! I cannot believe it!!!! BISOUS, Anita

  7. What a great shot of Mr. Itzig amd what a great name too!

  8. Welcome home, dahling :)

    Loved meeting the adorable Mr. Itzig!! My life would be oh so boring without my feline companions. They truly are magical spirits and help to keep my sanity in check with their abundance of furry purrs and wet kisses!


  9. Awh Mr. Itzig, welcome! He's so adorable! xoxo

  10. Dearest one!!! WELCOME HOME! And it is always so fabulous to see YOU on my comments page. I am anxious to see your pictures from your vacation. Oh dearest, so much to get prepared for, it is unbelievable. But I will continue to engage in fun moments of creativity and then plunge into my work. I need to get used to getting up super early again!! BIG HUGS, Anita

  11. He is precious!!!

    You left good advice today :) I agree with it, too!

  12. Dear Martina,

    Welcome back and hope that you had a lovely holiday.
    Mr Itzig is adorable and lovely to meet him. the photo is so sweet.

    Happy week

  13. Welcome back, Martina! I missed you and I'm sure your Mr. Itzig missed you as well!

  14. Hello lovely, thanks for the comment, when you get a moment, look at this post, I think you will enjoy it ;) Have a wonderful Monday!! xx

  15. the picture is so great, such a cute cat, hughs Anja

  16. I love his name! He seems like quite the curious cat:)
    Happy mid week my friend!

  17. Too cute. I am new to your blog and a new follower. Your cat is the cutest, I miss having a cat.

    Lisa x

  18. Hi, I' m glad that I found your Blog!!!
    Ach, ich kann ja auch auf deutsch schreiben :)
    Werde mich mal in Ruhe bei dir umsehen !
    Happy Day,

  19. Martina long time, since I visited your post.
    You have posted a nice pic.
    wish you a beautiful

  20. He is ADORABLE!!! I have two cats and love them so much and each has their unique personality. My boy thinks he is human I do believe. :)
    I love the quote, so true.
    Enjoy your vacation and weekend dear friend.


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