Friday Art: Raspberry treat

A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?
Albert Einstein 

Hmmmm - a bit of sunshine, lovely friends, a hug, flowers, chocolate? Whatever you need to be happy, i hope you'll get plenty of it over the weekend! 
I have planned: A stroll over the fleamarket along the river, an art exibition, portuguese food hopefully enjoyed sitting outside, and sunday - just some time to catch up with myself!

Photo: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Your weekend is packed with delightful activities Martina. Such a gorgeous pic and well you cant argue with Einstien, can you? We need only little things to make our life joyous.
    Have a wonderful weekend Martina:)

  2. Beautiful photo, sweetie! Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend on tap. And yum Portuguese food is one of my favorite cuisines! Enjoy :) xoxo

  3. Your weekend sounds's good to do that!! I hope you enjoy it!! I agree with Einstein too..gorgeous photo!! xoxo

  4. Beautiful as always Martina..thanks for your magic..have a Fabulous wkd!

  5. Beautiful and Delicous! Have a wonderful weekend!
    ~ Violet

  6. I just have had a capucinno wit a piece of strawberry delicious !!...we celebrate the end of summer......hihih!!...every day can be a party if you love from me.....liefs uit

  7. PRECIOUS!!!!!

    I LOVE EINSTEIN. I am reading a book about his view on life given to me by my darling friend here in the Twin Cities.....what a mind he had and a ZEST FOR LIVING....AND YES! I AM MEETING KORALEE TOMORROW AT 10:00am! I TALKED TO HER! SHE CALLED ME! What a sweet voice she has! We are meeting to just CHAT and SEE one another! I am taking my camera to have someone take a picture of us!!!!

    MANY HUGS TO YOU and have a cozy weekend! We are getting chillier weather and even though things are still green, fall is on its way!


  8. Hi Martina! Oh I love that little had written note with such a sweet wish! I do need to enjoy my slow morning tomorrow!
    Thank you Martina!
    *Wishing you the same*
    ps. The berries are so clear, they seem to be three dimensional!

  9. Enjoy your weekend. I will be away for 10days. Going to conduct an exhibition of my jewel art. tc

  10. Das ist ein ganz tolles Foto ! Überhaupt hast Du einen sehr schönen und abwechslungsreichen Blog.
    Wünsche Dir noch einen schönen Abend.

  11. My sweet Martina,

    OHHHHHH YOU ARE JUST SO KIND TO VISIT with such wonderful encouragement! BLESS YOU my precious, precious friend! HEY!!!!! GUESS WHO I MET YESTERDAY at the Creative Connection in St. Paul, Minnesota? KORALEE!!!! SHE WAS THERE and we had agreed to meet and she is so beautiful, kind, she has a BEAUTIFUL SMILE and we had sooooooooo much to talk about!!!!

    Oh what a magical weekend....HAVE A FUN SUNDAY and I am going to have another crazy school week, but the only thing I know is to remember that vacations DO COME!!!!!

    LOTS OF LOVE, Anita

  12. Oh Martina, yes, it is all about making CONNECTIONS. The energy between me and Koralee was electrifying and the connections that were going on in the MARKETPLACE alone were also fun to watch. Women making crafts, selling, enjoying each other's wares...this is how we find EACH OTHER....

    I wish you a magical day my sweet Martina and hope that ONE DAY, I will make it to your part of this wonderful world! Anita

  13. They are delicious but the presentation is more important. Nice. You might be enjoying your week end while I am typing.

  14. i love this einstein quote (and i agree, i would definitely add chocolate to the list!).....and your photos are always gorgeous! i hope you enjoy all those fun things you have planned for the weekend! xox

  15. This beautiful picture sure make me happy, thanks for sharing!


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