Friday art: Take a break!

Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.
Guillaume Apollinaire 

Friday art this time means art of living. I just love this quote by apollinaire - it's so funny and at the same time - true! Happiness is there in the appreciation of the smallest things. In the creamy texture of colors on my plate, in the fresh smell of mint leaves in my drink of raspberry sirup and water. Even a gulp of air can make you happy, if you take time to perceive it and savour it. 

Ah, it's friday my lovelies, and that alone is a reason to celebrate. I'm going through a time, were so many things call for attention every day and time itself seems to slip away like a slippery ocean creature. And i - want to do so many things but at the same time i feel lazy and dream of lying on a sandy beach... does that sound crazy?

Photo: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. I feel the same!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend relaxing and having fun!! Love the creamy colours!! xox

  2. Hi Martina,

    Life is a lot like that, isn't it and the quote you have shared is so true. Think I needed to hear that right now and have written it in my journal.
    Hope that you have a happy and relaxing weekend, dear friend.

    Sending hugs from New Zealand

  3. Oh dearest, isn't this quote so poignant and true???? We run around thinking that all the amassing of wealth and things will make us happy, but when we stop to breathe and just enjoy the beauty around us and IN US, we are then experiencing true happiness...but we have to make a living and even to gain a modest life, we have to run around so much. I am so tired and my job is requiring so much out of all of us teachers...ART IS THE WAY TO JOY!!!! BIG HUGS TO YOU MY DEAR FRIEND, Anita

  4. that is a great quote :)
    have a lovely weekend...

  5. You don't sound crazy at all! I'm feeling the same way right now- so much to do, but so little time to relax and enjoy. I'm going to make time to do so this weekend! I hope you find the time to enjoy too!

    Thank you for the quote, I love it!


  6. Friday is the best! let's celebtate!

  7. Sweet sweet friend...take a deserve it..may your weekend be filled with rest and a of me time. oxxoxo HUGS

  8. Your picture is very calming already, liebe Martina. Weekend is here again. Let's fill it up with lots of fun and bunches of me time. We have a swimming exam for tomorrow, family diner und Kino Besuch am Sonntag.
    Alles liebe xxxxx

  9. Its all about relishing the small moments and enjoying little things like the blooming flowers, the rising sun, the flowing river etc...
    The quote is thought provoking.
    Have a fabulous weekend Martina:)

  10. That is a fabulbus quote! Go find your sandy beach and enjoy!

  11. Have a nice weekend darling.......geniet vam alles om je heen.....liefs van

  12. Not crazy at all, Martina! It's just the wonderful ride of life :)

    Happy Autumn Equinox to you this happy Friday, dahling!!


  13. Beautiful quote, and I have to heartily agree with it! I LOVE your words of wisdom here, especially...even a gulp of air can make you happy, if you take time to perceive it and savour it. :)

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photo & words today. Totally inspiring stuff here, as always dear friend. Thank you for your kind birthday wishes. They were pure joy to receive! :)

    Happy weekend to you!


  14. MARTINA!!!

    My sweet friend, YES, meeting Koralee was surreal. I felt not only as if I was meeting a movie star or celebrity, but a true angel, for her kindness has always touched me in ways so special, as I know she has touched us ALL! destination for me? GERMANY!!!!!! Anita

  15. Oh Martina I so feel the same exact way! You are not crazy in the slightest.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend! xoxo

  16. Crazy is good! I totally understand ! I hope things settle down for you soon even just for a day or two...Love your picture with the paint on the plate too! Great touch!

  17. What an amazing quote. I think it is so easy to forget to pause. I need to learn to pause more often!


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