Fall fashion

An orange a day keeps the doctor away!

Isn't beige and orange such a lovely combination? I fell in love with these shoes and the little dress with orange leather bag. Wooly mini-dresses are a favorite of mine in the cold season. They look so good with boots, and while you feel warm and wrapped up, you don't look too bulky. Stress here slowly winds down, i'm listening to classical music and look at colored leaves in beteween E-Mails. Hot chocolate anyone?


  1. a lovely and ispiring combination!

  2. Jaaa, das sind gerade genau meine Farben!
    Ich habe mir aus Spanien fast die gleichen Schuhe mitgebracht :)
    Ich liebe den Herbst und die Mode dazu!
    Liebe Grüße,

  3. Ah, such a nice tribute to autumn - one of my favourite seasons. I picked up pumpkin yesterday at the local market. Loving those shoes.xox

  4. great colors! and hot chocolate sounds good too ;)


    I am here early, I am happy to see you, and I wish you a fabulous new day!

    My Etsy shop is doing well! I am busier now than ever, but if I get a pace going, I think I can do it....I THINK!

    MUCH LOVE MARTINA...GREAT PHOTOS to keep me excited about Fall. Anita

  6. Pure delight my friend...love those boots and that dress...sigh...wish that was my outfit today. Love to you. xoxo

  7. I would love to have hot chocolate with you. I am actually listening to piano music with my Chai in hand while it is raining outside. :)
    I love these styles and those boots are great! Have a wonderful day.

  8. A beautiful combination indeed. And I am in for a hot chocolate anytime!!
    Have a fabulous week ahead Martina:)

  9. Hi Martina!
    It is certainly boot weather isn't it?

    Warm scarves, boots, hot chocolate..... YUM!
    I is definately Fall.
    Lovely photos!

    ~ Violet

  10. Oh..this is all lovely Martina...I love the colour combination too...so Autumnal...There is definitely a chill in the air today...I will join you for a hot chocolate my friend!
    Wishing you a great week,
    Susan x

  11. I love to drink a cup with you....great shoes great dress.....lovely evening....love from me...xxx...

  12. Hot chocolate and orange and tan--Yes! Love it!

  13. Yes pleaeaeaease, hot chocolate mit Sahne (^.-)
    Have a wonderful lovely happy evening, liebe Martina. I adore that style, love the color too xo xo xo

  14. Oh give me some Halloween hehe! I am a huge fan of orange actually. In summer and in fall.

  15. Oh Martina my sweet,

    Thank you for coming by today! Yes, we are overworked, ALL OF US! And the only way to de-stress is our art, isn't it dear one?

    MY ETSY is keeping me busy but that is the part I love the most. Everything else is just getting to crazy!!!

    Sending you warm wishes for a fabulous TAIL-END WEEK towards the weekend!


  16. Oh,
    Nice little retro boots!

  17. awww.... I so want those shoes!!!! Let's go shopping!!!!

  18. It's such a beautiful combination. I love those shoes and that gorgeous dress and bag. They're lovely :) xoxo

  19. Hi Martina,

    I would be happy to sit and have a hot chocolate with you.
    I love all the wonderful pictures you have shown, the boots and little dress and bag are fabulous.

    Hope that you are enjoying your week

  20. MARTINA!!!!!!!!

    I am finally home, after a long day of teaching and MEETINGS! I am feeling a bit under the weather, so I got a substitute teacher for tomorrow and MY WEEKEND IS BEGINNING!!!!!!!!! Thank you for coming to visit! I adore you and I WISH YOU A peaceful and soothing END OF THE WEEK!!!

    Thank you for taking a peek into my Etsy shop; it is not done yet, and perhaps I will add more to it this weekend!

    BISOUS, Anita

  21. Nice boots. You have such amazing taste, Martina. Hot Chocolate sounds good - just about anytime. I hope you have a relaxing weekend!


  22. Swooning over the orange satchel. And those pumpkins are such a fun addition to an entry! Hope you have a festive weekend ahead Martina!

  23. I love the purse!! I've been wanting a Kate spade in that color ever since her spring collection came out last year! soo fabs!! xx

  24. I adore fall fashion! That dress and those boots are soo cute. I love the initials in the pumpkins too!

  25. Gorgeous, I love the colours! That dress is sweet, I think I have two similar but in different colours, very easy to wear in this season!! xx


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