Fun with paper and magazines

Things are only impossible until they're not.  
Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation

I love this quote today, because it helps me reach for the stars, even if, for now, they are made of paper. As golden leaves start to cover the pavements, paper leaves are covering my floor. Inspiring bits and pieces from magazines i like, and cut out paper-doillies for a little project for the Christmas-edition of KidsLife. It was such a joy this morning, to discover Hana Lynch, a photographer i worked with, has featured our magazine  in her beautiful blog, the mom tog diaries. 
We published some of her work about the makeover of her kids rooms recently, and i love how it turned out. Have a look at more of her amazing work!

The air was chilly this morning, and i actually liked it - so fresh!  For a little extra fun this weekend, visit my friend Susan. She has a lovely giveaway over at  Mary Janes Tearoom.
Love for a happy weekend!

Photos: 1t: Martina Voigt-Scmid, 2, 3 and 4: Hana Lynch


  1. Happy Friday!! I love cutting paper doilies, I do it sometimes at Christmas and hang them up, my daughter enjoys mmaking them too!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, I love the fresh breeze of this time of year :) xx

  2. Paper. Scissors... What a great start to the weekend! Can,t wait to check out the kiddies rooms too... Happy weekend all! Grace

  3. Good morning liebe Martina!

    YES, this is the only thing we can do as we TREK through the stars of our reach. SOmetimes I think that is the most important thing in this reach and build our character along the way. AND as for paper? MY FAVORITE MEDIUM. I have tried a bit of clay sculpture but PAPER GOODS are my absolute favorite to work with.

    AHHHHHH.....this post sets me up for the weekend my dear. Just one more work day to go today and I am going to read to the kids today. THERE...SET!!! Ready to go.


  4. Die Zeitung sieht super aus!
    Ein schönes WE,
    viele liebe Grüße,

  5. Oh my goodness I am fining pure JOY over here today my sweet sweet friend...thank you for sharing all this to visit her right now. Happy weekend. xoxo

  6. Very good quote!
    Have a wonderful weekend:)

  7. Have a nice weekend darling.....lovely post........enjoy

  8. these are such pretty photos!
    have a lovely weekend martina :)

  9. Good evening sweet Martina!

    I am sitting here in my lovely studio. The candles are lit, it is SO WINDY OUTSIDE (but very warm) and the leaves are blowing in all directions. I am loving this hour of silence and it is so good to see you visit me. I am sending you lots of love and joy as we enter into this weekend and try to enjoy the things we love. PAINT MY DEAREST, PAINT to your heart's content!!!!! Anita

  10. I love your positive thought, thanks for sharing, I so need it now! : (

  11. Have a wonderful weekend, Martina! That quote is just wonderful xoxo

  12. Oh, every time I see this post, all I want to do is make paper beauty!!! MARTINA! ENJOY THIS MAGNIFICENT WEEKEND!!! It is windy, warm and beautiful outside. WEAR YOUR CROWN OF FRIENDSHIP MY DEAREST and sparkle on!

    Now to go draw....Anita

  13. Your magazine is the loveliest, liebe Martina. Must visit Hana as I have not heard of her before.
    Have a most wonderful weekend! Happy happy Creating xxxx

  14. Congratulations Martina. It is well deserved. And anyone who quotes Jean-Luc Picard is tip top with me.

    PS, thanks for visiting old Rattus Scribus.

  15. Dear Martina,

    Sounds like a fun thing to do making paper leaves.
    Congratulation for the magazine and love the look of the kiddies room.

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend

  16. Hi Martina!
    What beautiful, lovely pages!
    This is a sweet room filled with such soft colors. I love it!
    Wishing you a week of JOY,

  17. Ooo I can't wait to see the next issue! These look delightful. Hope you had a wonderful weekend Martina,

  18. What a clever way to make up a childs room! Congrats on the feature, sweetie :) xoxo

  19. I absolutely love that quote, Martina! Inspiring words. Beautiful paper stars--This definitely make me think about Christmas :) And Congrats on the future!

    Hugs <3

  20. Your paper snowflakes are so sweet! And I love that lady's work. A bunting banner in a kid's room is such a great idea! Love that.


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