Monday Love: Art meets fashion

A new friend is like a new color in your world

A little while ago i had my first meeting with another blogger: radiant Barbara, from fashion, art and other fancies. As luck would have it, she sometimes comes for business to Mainz, a town near where i live. And so we spent some time together: vintage shopping, lunch and strolling through the old streets, discovering new shops. We had an instant connection and it felt like meeting an old friend! She's an art consultant, a fashion-lover, a gourmet and most of all, a fun and interesting person - we had so much to talk about. A prove to me, that the friends we make here in blogland, are more than "cyber" - somehow, we really do catch glimpses of each other and get to know each other in a certain way.
Cheers to blogfriends - and by that, i mean, all of you!

The bracelet in the second picture is something i bought for a friend as a cheer up present. It was made bei Marzipan, a company by South african women find out more about it here.

P.S.: I was delighted to see, that Barbara, who went to fashion week in Paris, was photographed by some great street-bloggers - see more of her here.

Photos: 1 Easy fashion,  2, 3, 4: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. She's a marvelous creature isn't she!?! I do enjoy her very much!! It just shows how much art and fashion in other ways can connect people no matter where they are in the world, which is one of the many reasons I adore you both! A BIG cheers to friends made're all wonderful & I am very happy to get to enjoy your worlds with each post :) Have a wonderful day xx

  2. how fun! looks like you had a great time :)
    love that bracelet too!

  3. Its fun meeting your fellow bloggers whom you only interact with via the computer...
    Hope we too meet someday, you fly down to India:)
    Have a fabulous week ahead Martina:)

  4. Yay Martina..wonderful spotlight on Barbara..I adore her and her colorful spirit ..she is fabulous and her blog is gorgeous-fun!
    Awesome photos!
    Have a terrific day!

  5. I am so glad that you got the chance to meet up with a bloggy friend, what a wonderful day! It is so true that we get to know each other and have a connection no matter how far apart we are.
    Enjoy your day and I love the bracelet, I am sure that your friend loved it. :)

  6. How lovely that you two got to meet! Two of my favorite ladies. Wish I could have been there :)

    Enjoy the day, sweetie! xoxo

  7. How fun!!! And i agree with you regarding blog friends, I actually met up with 2 and had become really good friends. maybe someday we'll meet too?
    love your share today, especially that bracelet, so pretty!

  8. Your new friend has a great smile !
    Have a lovely week !

  9. Always nice to meet new friends darling??? when will we meet eachother???? hahahaha!! from

  10. What a great shot! She must be fun to hang out with and it's awesome you two had the chance to meet! Thanks for the "Marzipan" link, nice jewelry...

  11. Dear Martina,

    How lovely to catch up with your friend and she looks fabulous. Love all the bright colours.
    Cheers to you dear friend and it is lovely to see a little part of your life.

    Happy week

  12. I feel so badly that I missed this dear one. My job is really keeping me at a point where I cannot keep up with everything around me. BUT THIS POST IS WHAT I NEED: COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. I had fun reading about all the fun you and Barbara had! Here's to art and artful friends =-)


  14. So glad you got to do that! I do often wish I could meet a friend or 2...but when you you live in the coldest part of the country...not many sane people travel here :)

    Love your tie or friends & I am thinking of all my friends & seeing them in colors!

  15. We feel sohappy when we see our friends from virtual world. It was such an occasion when I met many of my friends during the exhibition I conducted recently.

    Love that bracelet. really right and colourful

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    Oh dear one, I hope this comment finds you relaxed and headache-free! Oh what a week. BUT TODAY and TOMORROW, I have OFF!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled. I will be doing some research to see how to price my drawings, and then in the next week, I am going to open my Etsy shop. Let's see how it goes.....

    Dear one, I wish you calm and joy. I want to create for the next four days because the more and more I create, and the more and more I am not ABLE TO because of work, I realize how much art and writing is so important for many of us that connect through self-expression. May your painting sessions give you joy.


  18. How fabulous you got to meet a fellow blogger! I love how blogging can create such wonderful friendships. I love Barbara's fashion sense!

  19. great post Martina, I looove first picture is sooo fun!!!

    thanks and happy weekend,

  20. It is wonderful you two got to meet.
    I can imagine you had a lot in common. Friends really are gems.
    Thanks for sharing the recap!
    Hope you had a lovely weekend! <3 Anna

  21. How fun! I am happy you got to meet her and have a lovely day together! BEautiful photos.


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