DIY christmas ornaments

Get ready to see things in a different light!

This is an idea from our recent KidsLife-issue: Sweet christmas ornaments made from house and baking supplies. These cupcake papercups make such a sweet hanger - all you need to add is thread and some beads. The weather here is grey and cold - just right for a crafting and tea-afternoon. Are you planning to create something this weekend?

Photo: Robin Benito


  1. heej Martine i cant see your picture???

  2. It look great !!!......enjoy the from me............♥.. ♥... ♥....

  3. cute Martina, that's a great activity for the kids.

    happy friday to you lovely ♥

  4. You create wealth out of waste Martina!! Love your creativity, art... Lets see what I can create over the weekend!!
    Have a wonderful day:)

  5. How sweet! This would be a fun project to do with my son.
    Thank you for your encouraging comments this week! You are such a lovely friend!

  6. Martina, these are so sweet!
    Love the inspiration, and I have many projects on my list..exciting:))

    Love and light,
    - Irina

  7. That simple cupcake ornament is beautiful.
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. We need your magazine here! These really are sweet!!! They look like little lanterns! So cute!!!

  9. That is a cute idea!!! Have a fun-filled weekend my friend!


    I am here, late because of those parent/teacher conferences I had on Thursday night! They were exhausting but good. I was so tired that last night which is my usual night to post a new post, I was too fatigued. THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME and these ideas for Christmas as getting me SUPER EXCITED FOR THE HOLIDAYS..a time to relax, create and dream..the things I wish I could make a living at!!!!!!!!

    LOVELY POST, LOVELY FRIEND...bisous mon amie, Anita

  11. Adorable sweet friend..what a great idea...I love baking cups. xooxox Happy happy weekend dear one.

  12. My darling friend,

    Your wonderful meal of goose and dumplings sounds SO WONDERFUL....I so wish I had wings to fly over the world and visit each and every one of see you, to hear your laughter and to embrace your languages and cultures....rejoice for we have ONE ANOTHER and CELEBRATE MY DEAR! OH! IT IS SNOWING NOW!!!!!!

    Be well my dear, Anita

  13. Sounds like a fun craft. Very sweet. I hope you have a cozy weekend, Martina!

  14. Attractive & colorful. Very creative.

  15. Dear Martina,

    I love this sweet idea for Christmas decorations.
    I just bought some pretty Christmas muffin papers that will be great for this.

    Have a happy week, dear friend

  16. Very cute! It is so fun to make memories with the kids by hand-making ornaments.


  17. Thank you for sharing with us. Saying that you're amazing is an understatement. I admire how you were able to figure out so many important things at such a young age. Be so sure of yourself and your fears didn't stop you. Your advice is golden and much appreciated

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  18. This is so cute! I am so ready to decorate for Christmas. Tomorrow is the day after I will start decorating!

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