Mini spa vacation

Fire at the poolside ...
was maybe the best thing about the monastery "Marienhöh" we have visited for the past 3 days. The nuns have given up the place and now it is transformed into a lovely spa-hotel in the midst of quiet woods and meadows, far away from everything. It's a perfect hideway place, very friendly and beautifully done, and i so enjoyed taking some time with my hubby to just relax, swim - and eat lots of good food after a peroid of so much work! Will take the feeling into the weekend with me. Have you started decorating your house for christmas yet?

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  1. Amazing, what a wonderful place!! I hope you enjoyed :) I will get my decorations out this weekend and begin to go through them and put up some!! I'm excited, although not for the weather ;) I hope you have a great weekend!! xx

  2. So beautiful Martina! Gorgeous photos..I am absolutely smitten with the second last photo..the large table with the black metal hinges on the edge..woah..fabulous!
    Have a happy wkd my friend!
    Always a joy to visit your magical realm!

  3. Diese Bilder zeigen so ein herrlichen Atmosphere, liebe Martina. Bis du wieder voellig erhoelt? Ich bin sehr gespannt ob meinen Angel schon arriviert ist ..
    Have a restful weekend, sweet friend xxxx

  4. Looks very beautiful Martina. Warm and peaceful. Glad you had some days off relaxing!!
    Have a wonderful weekend:)

  5. MARTINA!!!!!!!!

    OK, what a place to relax and FORGET THE STRESS!!! You must have had the best time there ma belle!!! Every inch of this place whispers beauty and rest. THANK YOU for visiting me so promptly and isn't that chubby little mouse the best? I LOVE BEING THE CHRISTMAS FAIRY! I AM!!!! Oh, the fun. I never grow up, EVER!

    BISOUS MA BELLE and I wish you a perfect weekend!! Anita

  6. Have yet to do Christmas shopping let alone decorating. I must visit this spa;-)
    Have a nice weeken.xx

  7. Not yer, for me it is too early, I would rather wait just before Christmas:)but here it is how it works:)

  8. This is great Martine !! christmas decorating here in home......not in the mood for......happy from

  9. Looks SO relaxing!!!

  10. Can I go into your suitcase and ride along?
    My plan tomorrow is to change the orange/black color into pink, a pink christmas!

  11. Wow...pure joy....just what I need. oxxo HUGS

  12. Looks divine - would love to visit:)
    Have a cozy weekend

  13. Hi Martina,

    How wonderful for you and your husband. This looks like the perfect place to relax and rejeuvanate.
    Have not started decorating for Christmas, maybe one day this week.

    Happy weekend

  14. AHHHHH!!! I am soo jealous! You have no idea ! :) That looks so amazing that it is relaxing me from here!!!! Glad you actually got to enjoy it up close!!!

  15. Oh Martina..You lucky lady..this looks such a fabulous calm and restful!
    Hope your Sunday is just as good,
    Susan x

  16. This looks great Martina !
    And yes I bought some bright twinkling stars !
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday.

  17. Oh Martina--how beautiful you lucky lady! I bet it was amazing. My friends and I used to take a weekend trip once a year to a nearby spa which is so fun--I think we need to get back to that!


  18. Wow, that looks so incredible!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  19. This place is amazing, lucky you Martina!
    I usually wait till the first of December to start decorating but I am already watching my favorite Christmas movies :) Hope you have a wonderful week.....

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  21. Oh wow! A spa vacation!!! That sounds like a wonderful time. What a lovely looking place. I'm glad you were able to get away with your hubby and relax. Yes...we decorated this weekend! Love this time of year!

    Have a great week!


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