Monday Love: Beautiful autumn

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  
Albert Camus

 We had such a warm and sunny start into November! These pix are from a visit at my painter friends house and i love the mix of flowers, fruit and colored leaves, of fresh things and faded things, all beautifuly woven together by golden rays of november sun. Have a grape - and a sweet and lovely start to your week!


  1. Ohh I love the photos, the colours are gorgeous!! And I would have some grapes, as I do enjoy them!! I hope you are well & wish youn a wonderful week!! xx

  2. Oh, that Albert Camus, he was one heck of a poet!!!!!!!!! AND, I will take a grape, thank you very much! WHAT A GREAT AUTUMN SCENE before the SNOW HITS US! Oh dearest, thank you for your well wishes; I am really sick today, but unfortunately must go into work...I WISH YOU A DAY OF HEALING...and I was sick all weekend and now I think I am at my peak of illness...I hope from this point on, it will be smoother sailing!!!



  3. very pretty! Your posts always inspire me to add some beauty to life

  4. They are perfectly fall! The sun has been good to us this November as well and we enjoyed the time outside.
    I hope you have a wonderful and inspiring week as well!

  5. Beautiful pictures !!.........lovely week darling.....seize the

  6. Beautiful! We've been having some gorgeous days here with blue skies and very colorful leaves, it is a wonderful combination. I dread when the rains start.... the sunshine fuels me!

    Blessings on your week,
    ~ Violet

  7. Great photos Martina, what a lovely yard! We have had very nice weather these past days as well and even though it's cold at night, the sun still warms the days. Have a wonderful week, xo...

  8. Beautiful photos, Martina! Hope your week is off to a fabulous start :) xoxo

  9. Guten Abend liebe Martina, your pictures are all very beautiful. The first one is my favorite, I think.. Ah well, I do not have to choose, I can enjoy them all.
    I must get back to blog land a little more, I am on fb. That is so much faster. But I miss blog land, have to find a way to enjoy them both.
    Happy hugs for a grand new week, Mr. Fall is definitely here now xo xo xo

  10. Lovely fall pictures, ahhh.... I just love this time of the year!!!

  11. Such colorful pics Martina. Very beautiful. And the grapes look fresh and juicy, I will surely have some:)
    Hope you are having a nice week Martina:)

  12. Albert is on to something! ;) That is why I love fall so much is the beautiful array of colors. I love these images Martina!

  13. Hi Martina,

    I love all the pretty Autumn photos you took, of Autumn at your friends house.
    The colours are all so vibrant and pretty and thanks for the grapes.

    Hope that you are enjoying your week

  14. Hi Martina! You have captured such lovely scenes of Autumn. I can almost smell the scents too... I love the smell of autumn leaves. I always walk through them on the way into work. {as long as it is not raining!}
    Wishing you more autumn loveliness *

  15. Hi Martina,

    What gorgeous images and that quote is incredible! Wow...never heard it put that way, but so true! This time of year is so the beautiful colors and cooler weather.

    Hope you're having a fantastic week!

  16. Inspirational as usual, Martina! I just love that first and last pic...look so delicate and so full of autumn colors. And that quote absolutely memorable. Wish you a fabulous autumn season! Down here beginnings of summer :)

    HUGS <3

  17. Ah, beloved autumn. I just adore the painterly colours and fruits of the season. And I love your autumnal images here. xx

  18. Very pretty photos!! Are these with your new camera? Amazing shots!!


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