X-mas shopping with some "Ooh la-la"

Have you started shopping for presents yet? I usually start rather late - somehow i need the frisson of the little bells ringing to get going. Today, i'll hit the town and hope to add some sparkles to my secret "Treasure box" (that noone is supposed to see before christmas!). I have a big family, with lots of nieces and nephews, so, lots need to be done! To strengthen myself, i intend to have hot chocolate with a girlfriend in between. 

And of course there is Etsy and DaWanda, and tons of gorgeous shops online as well. Have a look at the IHOD gift guide, assembled and designed my lovely blogfriend Anna, who is one gifted girl indeed.
For additional inspiration, please also visit my dear friend Anita, she has a blogpost full of amazing shops for you, plus she does the sweetest cards and tags herself!

Photos 1-4 via Kate Spade


  1. I have begun, although the stores are so scary with all the people going crazy to buy everything!! I think I will make some of my presents to avoid the shops :) I hope you get your shopping done with ease and decorating too!! Have a wonderful rest of the week & weekend to come doll!! xx

  2. Have fun shopping! I have most of my Christmas shopping done. I will need to mail some of those gifts out though, so I have to get busy wrapping!!!

    I love that little card..very adorable!


  3. Yes yes ...i shopped today...i buy a beautiful thing .......i do not tell you see later on my blog......love love .........♥.. ♥... ♥....

  4. I live Christmas shopping the most on the day before Christmas :). I start early in November but I always finish late...and I love that last frazzled day :). Enjoy the coco!

  5. Dear Martina,

    It is so fun, isn't it? I need to have a little snow on the ground before I really get into it! You enjoy! And how marvelous that you are featuring dear Anita's art!! I already ordered a few sets of notecards and tags..breathtakingly gorgeous!!

    A lovely weekend to you,
    - Irina

  6. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I AM SO HONORED my dear, dear Martina! THank you so much for the mention, I TRULY APPRECIATE IT!

    We had a little snow this morning and I am starting to feel the SPIRIT NOW!!! I WISH YOU THE BEST DECEMBER MY DEAR and in three weeks, I will have time off, about 8 days. I CANNOT WAIT TO WRITE AND READ AND DRAW!!!!!!!!

    BIG HUGS TO YOU and LET'S SHOP!!! Anita

  7. Happy shopping Martina, I am sure you will be high in spirits as X mas is approaching.

    I am also planning to be on etsy .... It may take a few days.

  8. Happy Weekend with lots of Xmas shopping!

  9. I love the picture of the chocolate-it looks so delicious!

  10. oh yes, i shop-and make things- all throughout the year ;)
    that hot chocolate looks delicious!

  11. Festival shopping is so much fun! I would love to have a peek inside that treasure box, when opened! The card by Anita is soo very pretty.. I Just love this time of the year!

    Have a lovely weekend, Martina and Happy Shopping:-)

  12. LOVE the statement necklace with casual tee- the combo is very cool!!!

  13. Oh dear...I should be Christmas shopping too...I need to make a list...oh how I love Anita's sweet cards...pure joy.
    Hope you find lots of gifts...happy weekend.

  14. Oh! If you could have been with me today near Nashville, Tn! I had so much fun shopping.
    You will have a good time watching all those nieces and nephews open their gifts!

  15. GOOD MORNING MY SWEET FRIEND and promoter! teehee...I have sold a good number of these cards!

    Oh dearest, how has your weekend been? We finally had snow last night and what magic that was. We walked across the street to a neighbor's party; his cottage is so beautifully strewn with lights that I felt like a little girl again. Candy canes and Santas line his path and in the snow, it is such a joy to watch.

    Thank you precious, for visiting me!!! ENJOY ANOTHER WORK WEEK with a smile...Anita

  16. Martina,
    Oh my goodness, this just made my night. Thank you so much for sharing the gift guide and your sweet words. It was so much fun to curate.

    Good luck shopping for all the nieces and nephews! How fun to have many!
    Have a lovely evening!

  17. Fabulous share, and I pop over to Anita's blog, such an amazing place, thanks for the link, and hope you get all your christmas shopping done with lots of fun!

  18. Anita is very talented!! She has such a beautiful blog too!

    I am actually on top of the whole shopping for gifts thing this year. Thankfully I actually had an idea of what to get people. Usually I don't and I end up waiting until too close to Christmas!

  19. Hi Martina,

    Hope that you have a happy time Christmas shopping. Your post is great and yes, Anita is so very talented and I love her beautiful Artwork.

    Have a wonderful weekend


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