Chin chin weekend!

And a toast to YOU, my fabulous blogfriends!
Who make January look so much brighter! The drink above is called "Aperol Spritz", and it's my fave at the moment - you must give it a try: 1 part aperol, two parts secco or champagne and one part bubbly water. It's the perfect sundowner, even if the sun didn't show up ;) 
These pictures are from a stroll through town with gorgeous Barbara, from fashion art and other fancies. Do you have anything planned for the weekend yet? 

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Looks wonderful..I like the colour!! Gorgeous photod and Barbara!! Happy weekend to you xx

  2. Beautiful colors !!....have a nice from me......working tomorrow....tomorrow evening we go to our friend...and sunday we have friends here....nice !!

  3. Thanks for toast dear Martina. The cocktail looks splendid. I shall make my own special cocktail and drink a toast to you too - dry martini bianco, fresh lime juice,tons of ice mix & shaken up well!

  4. Sure makes me wish I drank :) Seriously looks like sushine in a glass! Hope the sun comes out soon! Not much here! Take Care Martina!

  5. Cheers to you too Martina!
    A toast to a new weekend ~ some rest and extra tea and coffee Saturday and Sunday!
    I also enjoyed your raspberry crumble. I do the same thing...add oatmeal and remove some sugar. The warm fruit is perfect for January weather!
    *happy weekend to you*

  6. Dear Martina,

    Cheers to you and that looks like a great way to spend an evening!
    If I have the energy, will try and take off some more of the old wallpaper in the lounge.
    Have a happy weekend


  7. Thank you very much for the comment and for joining my blog observers. Your blog is brilliant and I go at it every day! Your photos are very insiprujące:)

  8. THIS LOOKS LOVELY DEAREST! Maybe this is what I need...teeeheee! THANK YOU for your sweet friendship. I do hope you are feeling well and that life on the other side of the wardrobe door is brighter for you my friend. It has been a tough work year, but soon the vacation of vacations will arrive for us teachers and I am going to EXPLODE WITH JOY!!!!!! CHEERS DEAREST! Anita

  9. This looks light and delicious! And the crumble looks yummy, too!

  10. Oh, Martina :D Hello! No, this is my grandmather. In the post I wrote about our Polish celebration - Grandparents Day. On this day we remember about their grandparents, which in the end we can always count on. So, the above picture is me and my grandmother Anna. :) Do it Germany is the day Grandma and Grandpa's Day? ;*

  11. Hope you're having a lovely weekend, Martina! xoxo

  12. I don't drink at all, other wise, I would love to try it! the color already look so yummy!


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