Mops en vogue

Ugly or sweet?

Are you are friend of pug dogs? In german they are called "Mops" which is much better suited, me thinks. I'm personally not a really a fan of these, but, they are so in fashion at the moment, that i can't help seeing them everywhere. Last time i met lovely fellow blogger and friend Barbara  in town, and, over tea and sandwiches we laughed so much about "Mops en vogue" that i decided to post about it.

My friend Monika who's a fashion designer, made a design for a Mops-T-Shirt for our magazine KidsLife and we got Julie Gaston to model it for us. Even though my cat will be jeallous, i think it looks gorgeous!

The little bejewelled Mops in the second picture was a present i got from a friend last year - it adornes one of my handbags.

And while browsing the internet for the funny little creatures, i came across an interesting project.  In collaboration with Steiff and Unicef,  Luisaviaroma launched “Pug Dogs for Happy Kids”.  A project that includes 20 of fashion’s most famous designers creating a "Mops" in their own style.  Soon, they will be available on and all funds raised from the sale of these cute soft toy pups will be donated to UNICEF to help disadvantaged children in Bangladesh. Want to join in? 

So, what's your opinion on "Mops" - ugly or sweet?


  1. Awh there so sweet! I honestly used to think they were ugly but years ago they started to charm me and now I think they're adorable. I really love most dogs. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Martina! xoxo

  2. How sweet!! I'm not big on having a dog, but sometimes I think these are sweet, I much prefer them on items than to have one in real life!! I hope you have a marvelous weekend Martina!! xox :)

  3. i haven't personally known any 'mops', lol, so i'm not sure-but i love dogs :)

  4. Owwww how sweet post !!..enjoy a happy from

  5. What a sweet little shirt. My hubby loves pugs, they had one growing up.
    I hope you have a wonderful and inspiring weekend!

  6. My breed of choice is Maltese! I don't know about these pugs/mops...not so cute...but their clothes are haha!!
    I'm curious why you blog in English and not German?
    I'm glad you do since I can read it!

  7. To be honest, I'm a cat person mjau *smile* but the shirt is nice. Have a nice weekend.


  8. I have puggies...they are amazing dogs..such funny personalities. Never thought about them since I raised and showed German Shepherds for over 30 years. But when we lost our Corgi (another wonderful breed) my Hubby wanted a pug..eeewwww I thought..but I bought him a pup, Jesse James and then we rescued Frank..who died a few months ago. Now I really want another pug..I miss Frank a lot. I still have a German Shepherd dogs. Love the shirt!

  9. Hi Martina,

    Our neighbour had a pug dog, they do tend to grow on you, with their sweet little look. The shirt is very sweet.

    Wishing you a happy weekend

  10. Sweet! They are so cute and adorable with their innocent looks! Love that shirt too!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Martina :)

  11. OOOOH! NO WONDER in at least the movie, MARIE ANTOINETTE, the Austrian beauty, had one of these dogs called MOPS!!! I SEE NOW....

    Dearest friend, HOW ARE YOU????? Are you enjoying a smooth transition into a more spring-like world? We are getting snow now, more than ALL OF WINTER COMBINED, but it is sweet. Enjoy your weekend! Anita


  13. I love all dogs, so yes, I think they are sweet!!! And I love that name, "Mops"!
    Have a lovely weekend, Martina,

  14. Pugs are so cute ... lov the top!
    Melissah from Country style chic

  15. HA! I would have to say that they are both ugly AND sweet! Hope you have a lovely day, Martina!


  16. Good evening dear Martina!

    How are you these days? Thank you for coming to visit and SO SORRY that your comment got lost! That was so kind of you to leave another comment. I know that it can get frustrating, these comment pages!

    Are you well these days? Is spring REALLY starting in your corner of the world? We have some weeks to go before we see any buds, but I cannot believe how mild OUR winter was. I just keep thinking of flowers and beauty when I come here; you have been so influential in teaching me to appreciate COLOR!

    Have a wonderful Monday my dear, Anita

  17. Waving to Anita and Dawne :))
    Sweet Martina, I think they are cute! heee...
    Wishing you a beautiful week, lovely friend,
    - Irina

  18. So adorable..I do love these sweet little pups. May yur new week be amazing. xoxox HUGS always

  19. I love pugs and french bulldogs even though we have a maltipoo at home :) The designer t shirt and your bejeweled Mop are very cute. Hope you have a fantastic week,xo Monika.

  20. My dear friend,

    GREEN IS ALREADY APPEARING FOR YOU???? How exciting. Then I know for SURE that when I come to visit you, your posts will be even that much more delightful as the already are, filled with your vision of COLORS!

    So good to always see you Martina; we have so much in common!


  21. I think they are sweet. Although I think more fitting for a young girl to wear, than for someone who is 50 years old (like myself)...:)

    On a keychain, now I could go for that!

    Happy week to you, sweet friend.

  22. Hi
    Here in India they have become very popular since an advertisement on mobile phone. Now it is considered as a fashion to own one,. They are expensive breeds too.

  23. I didn't even know they were in fashion but I have a feeling now I will notice them all over the place! I am so out of it right now...I just started trying to catch up on fashion & music that I am behind on because I am so out of it, it's time! :) Thanks for the heads up on the pugs :)

  24. I LOVE mops! I didn't know they were called that in German. How cute! I call them Puggles or Puglies! I always smile when I see them. The tshirt and the little pug characters are just wonderful. AND you have a beautiful blog and I'm following you now so we can keep in touch. So happy I've found!
    Take care,


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