A Panama hat and some Oh la la!

Groovy Baby

French Connection t shirt, £31 Jacket, €100 Alexander McQueen  pants, £930
Esquivel  heels, £430, Ralph Lauren leather satchel, $328,,
Alexander wang sunglasses, $369
Gucci  hat, $325, Kate Spade  scarve, $74, H M rose, £1.99

 Cock your hat - angles are attitudes.
Frank Sinatra

Are you ready for the weekend?  
Maybe for a "girls about town" day with a favorite girlfriend? 
Maybe for a Panama hat? Cappucino? Ice-cream? New lipstick? 
Laughter and giggles?
 This is a picture from my last meeting with my friend 
and fellow blogger Barbara von Enger, who is all over the fashion blogs 
at the moment. She loves bold colors, hats and stylish but 
very individual combinations that mirror her artsy personality. 
See more of her here. 
And have a funtastic time with all the things you like best.
 Will drop by and bring you flowers!

Photo: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Martina c'est magnific!

    have anice day,

  2. Oh Martina this is so cool !
    Let the sun shine on you .....

  3. I hope the sun will shine darling.....love from me.....xxx...

  4. Oh, your friend is a beautiful lady! Very chic!

    I hope you have a very fun, and lovely Mother's Day!! Full of happiness...and loving joy!


  5. I AM READY FOR BOLD COLORS, LAUGHTER, GLITTER AND BANGLES and love this weekend. Oh dear friend, this is great. Let's have some fun. On Sunday late or early Monday, I will be posting a Link Party. I hope you will join.

    Ahhhh....how are you my dear? Is your weather beautiful? We are having the most GORGEOUS weather!!! I did some gardening tonight after I got home from school; it felt SO GOOD!!!!

    LOVE AND HUGS, Anita

  6. Barbara looks chic & groovy with Panama hat & other fashion accessories.

  7. Immaculate dressing style, I love that hat especially! How nice to spend some fun time with our blogger friends who were complete strangers just some while back.. Ah, Lovely! Have a wonderful day, Martina :)

  8. Nice outfits heralding a nice weekend, Martina:)

  9. Love Barbara! She has the most incredible style. I'll be wearing my Panama hat this weekend at the beach house :) Have a great weekend, Martina! xoxo

  10. How delightful!!!! And we are getting some sunshine so hats are in order, YAY!!!

    ~ Violet

  11. I'll love the pairing of that orange jacket with a panama hat anytime. I Love Barbara as well.

    Lisa x

  12. I love the fashion look you put together here! Love Barbara too ;) xx

  13. Martina!!!!!!!!

    HOW WONDERFUL THAT YOU WANT TO PLAY a Girls about town blog post! I AM IN! TELL ME WHEN!!

    Yes, I am going to post on late Sunday night my Paris Link Party. I figure that I will leave my Mothers' Day post up until late Sunday and then crash into the new week with a fun Paris link post.

    I love your idea! Tell me more! Anita

  14. Bright & sassy ...love it!

    Melissah from Country Style Chic

  15. Gorgeous! love the colors.


  16. Beautiful..yay such a fun post..full of fabulous-ness!! yes I love her blog..she is a beauty and a super-stylish creatrix!
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

  17. Oh, such a fun, colourful post Martina!
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend,
    Susan x

  18. MARTINA MY DEAR!!!!!!

    Oh my goodness, you should have been here with me today. My gardening day was PERFECT. Not a cloud in the sky, perfect temperature, and I planted flowers and pruned hedges and now I am comfortable in my house.

    TOMORROW NIGHT, I will post my Paris link party. What I do is I collect peoples' links who are interested in participating and then on the day of the party, I provide the links so people can visit each other! IT WAS A BLAST LAST YEAR! You can see how I set up the invitation after TOMORROW NIGHT and then you can plan your party! I WILL BE THERE!!!

    Have a super SUNDAY and HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY MY DEAREST! Anita

  19. Dear Martina,

    What a fabulous look, love the Panama hat, it is so jaunty.

    Happy Mother's day and wishing you a wonderful weekend


  20. She did great! I love the scarf and purse...everything but the red jacket Haha :) Fashion is so fun!!!

  21. What a beautiful lady...and what a great hat. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Martina.

  22. Cool selection, that really inspired me to get my summer outfit, thanks for sharing!

  23. Hope you had a great weekend, I know I did!


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