Glam up your weekend!

Are you a fan of seqined things? 
With me, it's funny, i adore them on photos and swear i'll by me a piece soon. But in the shop i don't do it - it just seems too much. I got me a grey top with a little silver sequins border round the edges and wear it in a casual way, with skinny jeans and a red little cardi - that's how far i got. But sometimes, looking at things is almost as good as having them, and i do love the glamorous feel of these pictures. How about you? Are you going for gold?

Photos: 1st: Cupcakes andCashmere  others: Be splendid


  1. Hello sweet Martina!

    Well, I am a sequin lover and I will wear something with sequins any time!!! I have a lovely little sweater, a dress, some SHOES and a bag in sequins and I just wear them without thinking, but just enjoying the sparkle!!! I LOVE THAT FIRST IMAGE with the little blue top with the peplin!! Happy weekend my dear friend! Anita

  2. Hi Martina,
    Very pretty and inspiring! I am not much of a sequin gal myself. Maybe a row or two...:)

    Your paintings are so vibrant and fresh (below)..lovely!

    My blog is standing still until I go buy some more space to post pics. I have been taking a little break until then. I am traveling tomorrow (by plane) to go help my parents (with several health issues).

    Happy week to you!!

  3. I do not like gold and glitters......sorry !!.....Happy weekend darling...enjoy

  4. Hi Martina,

    Love all the sparkles and glitter, that you have shown today.
    Always a little bit of fun.

    Happy weekend

  5. Lovely colors, Martina! As for your question, Its stands somewhere in the middle for me. I like glitter but only if its not too loud and does not hurt the eye! Everything in moderation is always appealing!

  6. Hello Martina,
    Ooh, very pretty pics but I have to say I never think of actually buying anything decorated with sequins...maybe you have changed my mind!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  7. i like sequins but don't have any. maybe as an accent piece or trim? i'd wear them!
    happy weekend to you :)

  8. Wow this is hi-fashion. Spectacular sequined top,skirt & bag.And awesome nail design with cat(or is it a lion) on the knuckle !

    i think you should wear some maybe on a special dinner....or anyday..make any day a special day!!!!I have several things with some sparkle.....not as much sparkle as your pic displays.....but some ..I love it!!!
    hugs to you,

  10. Oh yes my friend, I can certainly wear sequins ANYTIME!!! And you must be well into the day now out in your part of the world! I am going outside to enjoy some watering of my garden and do some domestic work before I try to post a blog post....enjoy your evening and look up into the sky and see the SPARKLES of light!!! Love, Anita

  11. wishing really hard for that skirt right now!!!
    wishing it would appear in my closet...where is my fairy godmother when I need her.

  12. I do love the glamorous feel of these pictures.and i love all purses and jewellery.

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  13. I dont know why but I am not able to comment on your latest post Martina. The comments are not visible at all neither is the comment box.
    Please check and have a wonderful day :)


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