Finding harmony

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony. 

Hi lovelies, how are you? Are you just as happy as i am, the weekend is here again? Today is the day of the fall equinox, day and night have the same length. It's a day that speaks harmony and balance and invites me to strengthen these things. If you like to meditate sometimes, find a wonderful inspiration at my blogfriend Victoria here.

What is your secret to find (back to) harmony?

Photos via here, here and here


  1. I TOTALLY BELIEVE in this harmony. Organization, symmetry, feng shui, whatever one calls is all about PEACE.

    I LOVE THAT PICTURE OF THE CHOCOLATE! I just pinned it yesterday! Well my dear, our summer is gone. I so hope that this busy season coming upon us will give us both the chance to prioritize and delegate so we can enjoy the beauty around us with LESS STRESS!

    Sending you wishes for a beautiful fall!

  2. sometimes a nice nap or a vacation ;)
    happy weekend martina~~

  3. Love your post.....and i believe in a life with joy and harmony.....happy love love Ria....♥..♥..♥..

  4. OH wow,nice post and i'm completely agree with your post.Harmony is the best and very essential part of every human being.Happy weekend, i hope u do lot of fun over there.

    Liquid Latex

  5. Beautiful. I love the fall :) Everything is so beautiful. To get balance again, I take off to the forest and stay in nature for a while, everything moves at it's own pace there and it's only nature you hear, renews me :) I hope you have a sweet day & weekend doll xox

  6. I have not noticed this-the first day of fall...

  7. Lovely post! I can sit and enjoy the birds in the tree. Have a nice weekend.


  8. Pure joy on your blog today....I am off to follow the links you shared...especially for those pies...oh me oh my...Love to you and happy Fall my friend.

  9. HI MARTINA!!!
    HAPPY FALL to you!!!it is a day to reflect on some new things...still quite HOT here...real hot to be exact...I am hoping and Praying for cooler temps...but we enjoyed some outdoor time with the grands....we sat outside and ate/drank a nice cool SNO-CONE or shaved tasty on this warm evening and the grand kids loved it!!!
    Have a great week
    hugs and love to you,

  10. Harmony is in, Giving!!! And have a wonderful sunday Martina :)

  11. Hi Martina,

    I wasn't really ready for summer to end, but I do enjoy ALL of the seasons, and Fall time is so beautiful with the changing of the trees. Glad to hear that you are happy and doing well. Have a wonderful week!


  12. Dear Martina, I am back after my "blog summer break" and I am very happy, that you are happy. Beautiful images as always, the ice cream pies look irresistible, you are killing me :) For me finding harmony and happiness (was)is simplifying and reevaluating priorities. Hope you have a lovely Indian summer xo, Monika.


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