Monday Love: The shoes of fall

I can't believe October is here, do you?  
Am in a dreamy mood, lazy, like a lizzard on a warmed by the sun stone wall. Maybe the influence of a magical full moon. But another monday is here and calls for action. Really? Since the sun is still out and warm, i'll dedicate at least one hour today to just that - sitting outside, soaking up the sun, dreaming ...  And. well - here's something to get you dreaming too - pretty shoes for fall, spotted here.
Emerson has long been a fave of mine. And although i deeply regret she doesn't model her things anymore, i still like her style! Have a bright and fresh start into the new week - step out with confidence lovelies!

Photos: Emerson Fry


  1. Yes it is almost october one night to go......prettig shoes.....koveltje week xxx

  2. I would love to sit in the autumn sunshine, soaking up its gentile warmth and dreaming where these fabulous pairs of shoes could take me!
    Warm regards

  3. MARTINA!!!!

    I am hugging you, right now! It is great to see you come by my post today! I am very late in posting again, and I don't know if I will make it by this evening! We are having the most gorgeous weather and we were just out exploring and experimenting with our new camera!

    THESE SHOES....please, oh PLEASE I want those black flat slingbacks and the little short silver boots! You really know how to start up Monday with a smile.

    I hope your new work week will have a little time carved into it for some YOU time!!! Love, Anita

  4. Dearest Martina, I know!October is here... I can't believe it either! Oh, those shoes...GORGEOUS!!! Loving the flat shoes! And thank you so much for your sweet comment! Yes, I'd love to see your citrus photos!!! There is still time :)

    BIG HUGS <3

  5. Time does fly!! Those are some of the most beautiful shoes I have seen!! Love the last one especially.
    Have a wonderful start to the month Martina :)

  6. Those are wonderful. I love Autumn sunshine, it makes the leaves light up and glisten in their fiery tones even more so, it's wonderful :) I hope you enjoy your week :) xx

  7. Good morning dearest one!

    Thank you for coming to see me out of the busy-ness of your day! It is getting even MORE beautiful around here as the leaves are blowing off the trees. I am busy creating some things for my first art show here in town in November!! HAVE FUN TODAY! Anita

  8. oooh la la my feet would be so happy in any of these.xoxoxo

  9. HI!!!
    I just had to pop in and say HI to you my friend!!!
    These shoes are fabulous!!!!!I doubt I could wear the heels...well maybe to a sit down event.....but I sure love them all!!
    Happy October to you

  10. Lovely shoes, Martina! It sounds like you're having some nice Fall weather like we are...I love it! And NO...I CANNOT believe it's already October!


  11. Ohhh, I love your shoes especially the gold boots!!! I also can't believe its October but I love this time of year becauses its Springtime where I live. I really like your idea of sitting outside for an hour and soaking up the sun. I might start doing the same thing too. Have a lovely week!!

  12. great shoes! i need some new fall shoes myself :) i can't believe it's the last part of the year already!
    have a super day~

  13. Hi Martina,

    All the shoes you shared are beautiful.

    Hope you are enjoying Autumn.


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  15. great pictures:)) thank you so much dear! I am now following you too on GFC!!:) keep in touch!



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