Blueberry monday

How was your weekend lovelies? Did you enjoy the lovely fall weather and vibrant colors? We had a brilliant time on saturday, strolling through town, along the river, and sitting outside in the sunshine for a bite to eat and looking at clouds of birds assembling for their flight towards south.
Some art vitamins for your monday: Two different blueberry collage-paintings i did recently. The first one was a custom order, painted on a vintage cardboard, the other a little canvas which is now available as print in my shop here
These prints and  on canvas and paper ship directly from the USA, which is great, because i had problems several times with sending something overseas from germany. It took weeks and weeks to arrive and everyone thought, things had been lost. So this sounds like a good solution.

Have a fabulous start to your week and see you soon!


  1. Great paintings in lovely colors. Have a nice start of the new week.


  2. I am loving these art vitamins:) A perfect start to a monday morning:)
    Hope you had a lovely weekend Martina!

  3. Enjoy a beautiful autumn week from me.....zzz...

  4. They're just beautiful, sweet friend! I really love the collages...
    Wishing you a beautiful week, dear Martina...
    - Irina

  5. The feather is a cute touch!! congrats on your shop...hope all goes well.

  6. Fascinating & luscious blue berries. Here in Boise it is cold & wintry,cloudy & rainy, and depressing day. Spent the whole day reading a book cosily curled up in bed under a blanket !

  7. Lovely paintings, Martina! Glad to hear that you found a nice solution to ship your paintings safely across, some things are just so precious to lose! Have a lovely week ahead! :)

  8. Oh Martina! These are lovely! I thoroughly enjoy these. You are very talented.

    Thank you for the nice birthday wishes!!!

  9. So gorgeous, Martina! A perfect way to start my day. Wish I was eating a big bowl of blueberries right this very instant :)

    Have a wonderful Tuesday! xoxo

  10. Very pretty and classy, love the look :)
    I follow you now!
    Follow me back on facebook ,twitter,and GFC
    love you dear :)

  11. Good morning my sweet friend! I am very late in visiting because I worked a very early teaching assignment yesterday, requiring to leave very early, so no blogging for me!

    I LOVE BLUEBERRIES, their taste, their color and texture. This is such a great way to start my day here! Enjoying your fall? I AM!!! Anita

  12. Gorgeous favourite fruit ;-)
    Thank you for popping by, lovely to hear from you...I'm following you now too ;-)

  13. Oh yum...blueberries! OH, and they are just delicious with chocolate, yes they ARE! Don't you just love this weather my friend? Yes, it makes me walk faster too and I am enjoying many lovely walks with my husband.

    So good to see you my beautiful friend and there ARE so many lovely ideas floating in our minds, aren't there! I wish you peace and good luck to get those ideas OUT! Hugs, Anita

  14. So nice :)) I hope your week and weekend was great!! xx


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