Let the sunshine in!

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine! 
Anthony J. D'Angelo, 

Dishes, art? When i saw these pictures of some amazing pieces from the mod collective i got a boost of inspiration, maybe also because the photos are so beautifully done. It's an unusual and yet harmonic and stimulating color palette that evoces the feeling of summer. Of sitting in a cool place enjoying something nice, while the sun shines warm and splendid - something i LOVE tp phantasize about, while this April starts out like another month of winter here in germany. 
What to do? Following the advice in quote above will make everyday brighter!


  1. I'm craving those luscious colours too! I hope we get to see any painting that comes from this inspiration. :) We've had a couple of days when the sun shone but it was still very cold here!
    *Come on Spring, it's the 3rd of April for goodness sake!*
    Now I've told it, maybe that will work?xx

  2. they look like sorbet-love the colors and the shapes :)

    we're having some pretty cold weather here still as well...
    have a super day~~

  3. YES! We must make our own sunshine, our own joy! What fantastic photos of such juicy colors my dear! I so hope some sunshine comes your way today; our temperatures are supposed to rise today! LOVE TO YOU! Anita

  4. These are wonderful & I do think we create our own sunshine!! I do hope spring & sunshine will make it's way to you. It finally came here. Have a wonderful day xx

  5. Beautiful service......let spring begin please !!...it is so coldddddd...love Ria...xxx..

  6. What beautiful dishes and those colors are so beautiful! Here's hoping you get some warmer weather soon, Martina!!!

  7. These are so unique and beautiful, dear Martina!
    Thank YOU for bringing the sunshine! :))
    - Irina

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