Art & The Country

You come to nature with all her theories, and she knocks them all flat.

Some pix from a lovely art festival we visited recently. It was situated in a rural area around 3 houses owned by artists - with exhibition space inside and outside. You could take a long walk and discover things along the way, and, if you got hungry, there was a pig roast. grilled vegetables and many other yummy things, along with great music! It's great what people can achieve, if they work together hand in hand - with energy and imagination. OK, there was also money, thanks to a big company who used this as a somewhat unusual way to invite their clients, co-workers and customers - but, why not?

Much is going on in my life right now and i'm a little slow in blogging. Thank you so much for visiting me anyway - i'll take time this weekend, to visit you back! Cheers to a splendid time out. It still feels like summer here - let's enjoy these last weeks we can go barefoot sometimes!

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmud


  1. Hello dear Martina
    Lovely Pix, I haven't been here for a while due to sad things going on in my life .....
    But now i'm back again.
    Enjoy your weekend

  2. MARTINA my beautiful friend! HELLO! What a fun festival to be out with others, and to see art. Any kind of art is indicative of a vibrant community and that's what I love the most. HOW GORGEOUS are those white flowers next to you! And it's hot where you are? Here it is very hot, much hotter than it was all summer. School is in session now, and I love it, but I'm resting this weekend!

    So good to see you and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to visit with me. MUCH LOVE! Anita

  3. Gorgeous pics of your day at the art festival looks like such a wonderful place to visit!
    Happy Weekend!
    Susan x

  4. Charming & innovative art ! Have a nice weekend. Best Wishes Ram

  5. Dear Martina,

    Looks like a fun art festival out in the countryside.
    Wishing you a happy weekend


  6. what a great day~ it looks beautiful :)
    have a fun filled weekend martina!!

  7. This looks wonderful :)) Gorgeous place. Am glad you shared them. I hope you have a splendid weekend doll xx

  8. That looks like a lovely day out, I love the purple glass sculpture! I'm slowly getting back into painting after the summer holidays. Enjoy the sun while it lasts!xx


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