Make fall fun - with fashion!

To me, fashion is like a hobby. It is light and playful, and when i'm too tired to concentrate on anything serious, but too awake to do nothing, i like to browse through my wardrobe to put together new combinations or try on new things i bought in various ways. 

Fashion is a bit like a game, because it reminds me of, when i was a kid, how i loved to put outfits together for my Barbie-Dolls. Yet it is important too, because when you find the ideal dress for a certain occasion - or just for everyday too - it  makes you feel stronger and more beautiful. It can be defining for the way, others perceive you, plus it is so nice to walk around town and see people, who make an effort with the way  they dress - crazy is better than boring in my eyes ;) 

These are some pix from the fashion blog Nobody knows Marc  recently discovered. The first and the last image show impressions of Russian fashion designer and photographer Ulyana Sergeenko  who is really a master in creating a strong X-factor with her clothing. Her outfits are always fantastic and always ladylike with a twist - like someone who walks just out of the wonderful russian fairytales a loved when i was little.

Have a fun sunday everyone - am sending you autumn sun!


  1. The girl on the bicycle looks relaxed and chic. I like her style. It's not contrived at all. Happy Sunday chimes;-)

  2. I agree!!! Clothing and accessories are a fun game to play!!!
    Why be boring?!?!? Love those coats....

    ~ Violet

  3. Oh Martina, is this a WONDERFUL POST! Fashion is one way to put on a new face, a new YOU and all of these images are tasteful and WHIMSICAL as you suggest them being something out of a Russian fairytale!

    I hope you are well my dear and lovely friend! Anita

  4. These are wonderful, each of them look gorgeous. Catherine Baba on the bike always looks amazing :)) I hope you have a gorgeous Sunday xx

  5. Lovely Martina !!!..happy Autumn !!...x !!

  6. Oh Martina, you and me both are trying to juggle our art as well as keep up with this world that we both LOVE SO...the world of blogging where behind the words and images are people who we love. Have a PROGRESSIVE WEEK!!! Love to you, Anita

  7. What a collection of wonderful dreamy pictures, Martina! Fashion is something we all love to do, in our own ways and that is what defines our style. And I agree, it makes you feel stronger and beautiful!

    Have a sunshine week ahead, dear Martina! :)

  8. I could see me in a couple of those outfits...Of course when I was younger...LOL, I so loved the first outfit and it would be something I would have bought.
    Like you ...I always loved to make outfits for my Barbie. and when I was A teen in the 60's.You would not believe the things I came up with.
    Edie Marie and I love to create special things and we have so much fun with our blog and blog friends, such as you.
    Marie Antoinette

  9. Fashion is so fun! I've been through many eras and fads of fashions in my life and have enjoyed them all. I still step over the edge a bit and wear something unexpected... what fun!

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  10. I really love to see people wearing unusual clothes and admire their confidence but I tend to be boring with my own. I need to make more effort! I used to love making clothes for my Barbie and Sindy dolls. They were far better dressed than me!xx

  11. Loved to hear your take on fashion, Martina! That last photo is awesome! Have a wonderful weekend...

  12. Good Morning, lovely Martina!
    Love these photos, and I so agree with you..."crazy" is way better than boring! :) (I prefer to call it unique and artistic) ;)
    Fashion can be a wonderful artistic expression...
    Great post, sweet friend!
    - Irina


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