Barbara in Paris

A fashion illustration i did last week of Barbara von Enger, walking the streets of Paris. Barbara is a painter as well as a hot fashion muse and her unique mix of  haute couture, vintage treasures, hip hop style and caribbean spirit is often photographed and posted by style bloggers, like Fred from "Easy fashion" and magazines such as VOGUE Italy 

The look i was drawing inspired me, because - yes, i love red and pink and her sleek, relaxed way of wearing it, as well as the way she carries her Baguette - like a Baguette-bag from Fendi!
Hope it adds a little french "Oh la la" to your day - can you smell café au laid and a warm croissant?

Drawing: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Your drawing reminds me of my visits to Paris. Oh that sounds like I go there all the time doesn't it? ;) - I wish! Lovely work Martina, she look so very elegant as the french do so well!xx

  2. She's beautiful, love her style and spirit xx

  3. MARTINA? YOU ILLUSTRATED THIS? This belongs on the cover of a book, or in the pages of a delightful French Women type of book! EXCELLENT MY FRIEND! You must be having fun....much love! Anita

  4. Martina, this is your sketch? WOW! It is so pretty! I agree with the comment of Castles... above. This should belong or feature on the cover of a book or some such pages! I so admire your talent Martina, wish you a warm sunny day!

  5. She is gorgeous ..... I mean the drawing !

  6. Love it! Love it! Love it! I totally agree with Anita's comment by the way. And to add to that. This belongs on the cover of Vogue! :)

  7. Good morning sweet Martina! Thank you for making my day yesterday by coming to leave a comment. Yes, your illustrations are super and give me the feeling that they should be IN A BOOK! YES!

    Life is good but busy and our fall season is barely getting started. But we are having summer-like weather AGAIN! Enjoy another fine day of your God-given creativity my dear friend! Anita

  8. Love love love this my and red...YES!!! Happy weekend.

  9. Hi Martina,

    Love the Paris scene - very chic Mademoiselle avec la baguette.
    Wishing you a happy weekend

  10. Good evening precious friend!!

    I saw your comment today while I was at work and was unable to visit, but I am so glad I read your comment. My heart goes out to you as far as it can reach across the miles my dear, for this is a difficult time for you. I know what it feels like.....double: both my parents at the same time.

    Know you have people who care both near and very are so special and I thank you for taking the time to visit, but just for being YOU. Keep me posted on what is going on....peace my friend. Anita

  11. Barbara is my fave! She has effortless style and always so chic! Love your illustration! Beautiful!


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