Fashion portrait

One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a little black dress!
Karl Kagerfeld

I'm currently working on more fashion illustrations and portraiture art, playing with a combination of figures and backgrounds mixed together in a whimsical style. Here, i've put Franca Sozzani, editor in chief of VOGUE Italy, in a little square in a town i love, named Finale Ligure.
 I love her style and her way of looking fabulously refined and "en vogue", but girlish and casual at the same time.

So, since it is icy cold here today and the garden is frozen, this work brought back italian sunshine and dolce vita - how fitting, that we had lunch in an italian restaurant today, for which i do some brand-design.

Excuse my slowness in posting and commenting at the moment, but things and friends around here demand more of my attention at the moment, plus my energy is somehow a little mellow, as winter kicks in. The next thing i'll show you here will ne a freebie for christmas season. Can you believe it is coming so close now?

P.S.: Since i started on my little fashion illustration series, i've had a number of requests to do custom portraits - which i love doing. Should you be interested as well, drop me a note!

Artwork: Martine Voigt Schmid


  1. Dearest Martina!

    You have found MY favorite niche for your art; these fashion works of yours are the best medium for your fine expression of color and lines and JOY! I LOVE THIS and your work still is one of the most fabulous I can think of for bags and other accessories!

    It is very cold here too dearest, and we are going to celebrate out Thanksgiving tomorrow! Thinking of all my dear friends around the world and near by. BIG HUGS DEAR ARTIST! Anita

  2. So lovely Martina !!!,,,happy evening, Ria...x !

  3. Your lovely painting has a wonderful vibe with the simplicity of the little black dress and the beauty and warm of Italy all rolled into one.
    We are heading into summer in Australia where the hot weather is undermined by the thereat of bush fires and drought. Best wishes.

  4. Adoro la alegría que transmiten tus obras.
    Por aquí también ha empezado a helar, se va a hacer largo el invierno.
    Disfruta de tus amigos y no te preocupes por no poder contestarnos.

  5. So beautiful, Martina! I love the elegance and charm of her style. All the best for your fashion illustrations and wow! Did I just read something about Christmas freebie? Can't wait to see it now!

    Here's sending you some sunshine and lots of warmth Martina, take care.

  6. as I wrote previously, I enjoy this series of drawings very much!
    I also can't belive it's almost Christmas! yesterday we had first snow

  7. This is beautiful doll, love the colours and movement!! You always do wonderful work!! I hope you are keeping warm & having a gorgeous week xx

  8. How I love this post, your work, YOU.

    Martina my friend, thank you for taking a moment to visit me! Can you believe that December is here? It's hard for me to grasp it since our weather feels more like fall! But we will take what we can.

    I hope you are enjoying a stress-free time these days, as I can see your art is reflective of a happy spirit. BLess you! Anita

  9. Yay Martina..I love your fashion art and think it is totally brilliant and this new piece..full of charm and energy...shine on..! I look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous fashion art..has a wonderful storytelling appeal embodied within it as it!

  10. I like the way you've drawn this with the sepia coloured line, so lovely!I I shall look forward to seeing more portraits if you take up the custom orders!
    Jess xx

  11. Hi Martina,

    Love your fashion artwork and how neat that it was set in Italy.
    Yes, can't believe how quickly Christmas is coming.
    Happy week

  12. That is a lovely and charming portraiture Martina. Have a great week. Best Wishes Ram

  13. I love the freedom and color in this work, dear Martina! Wishing you sunshine, dear friend....we too are in the thick of winter weather...lots of snow and very, very cold....
    Thank you for brightening my day with your beauty!! :)))
    Hugs to you,
    - Irina

  14. love your portrait series!
    christmas is coming so quick it seems-i'm so not ready...
    have a good week martina :)

  15. I know how it is...I'm very slow at commenting...but at least we do.
    What a lovely painting. Put dark hair on her and she could be me...LOL...A little older but me. I still have my long hair with bangs. Where I live...Mississippi about 50 miles from New Orleans.Louisiana, is 80 degrees and so muggy. Now tomorrow it may be 27 degrees, then the next day 90.You cannot put away winter or your summer clothes. I would love to just once have a snowy white Christmas. but we do celebrate with the best of the colder States. And us Southerners can get very creative. With that Martina...
    I would like to invite you to Sherry and my Blog. We have a special post for you to see.
    Merry Christmas,
    Marie Antoinette


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