Monday Love: Fall Treasures

Fall is called fall because things are falling ... 
and changing ... leaves and fruits are changing color and are being tossed about and shaken of by the wind. And if we are lucky and keep our eyes ope, we can find things - to collect, to enjoy, to look at, to save up for the winter. These are some things that caught my eyes lately. 

The first picture show homemade apple chips i've been making -  a delightful and healthy snack for when you crave something sweet. They are perfectly easy - see the recipe here.

Hope this week gets up to something delightful for all of us.
Grey can be chic and November can be a happy - 
it's all about how you look at things!

Photos: Martine Voigt


  1. Yesterday I noticed that there are almost no leafs on the trees
    you catched what is the most pretty of autumn

  2. Yeah that is so not forget too smile every love love Ria...x !

  3. YES! I IS all about how you look at things! I love gray days; they make me very happy. Maybe because they are perfect for a nap, a good book and a cup of tea or a moment to write. Fall forces you to STOP and be still. Oh how lovely the thought of apple chips!

    Continue to relax and enjoy all that is there for you to notice my dear friend! Anita

  4. Love all of these images doll, all of these are indeed fall treasures. I hope you enjoy it and keep warm doll xx

  5. Hello Lovely One!
    Fall was really falling here Saturday, big winds and rain.... the streets are now covered with leaves and branches. Although I do enjoy a blustery day here and there, this one was too much, the power was out, including stop lights. I wish the trees could have dropped those leaves more casually! How I enjoy a blue sky after the storm!

    There is such beauty all around us this time of year, and you always express it so well.

    Happy autumn!
    ~ Violet

  6. Hi Martina,

    I recently pinned a recipe for apple chips on Pinterest. Sounds yummy. I want to make it soon. Hope your week is fabulous!


  7. Apple chips sound delicious Martina!...I love your inspiring Fall pics and I agree that it's how you choose to look at things that makes the difference!
    Happy Tuesday to you,
    Susan x

  8. Oh Martina, your posts are always so positive and full of inspiration! Lovely photos as usual ♥

  9. Sending you oodles of JOY this is a long one here in Canada...enjoying it with my mom and dad...your apple chips look amazing. xoxoxo

  10. Hi Martina! All the textures in that first pic fun to let my eyes wander! :) The one thing I don't like falling is the temperature. I'll adjust soon but taking the time to bundle everyone is crazy ! :)

  11. Gorgeous photos...treasures indeed...
    You always elevate the day, dear Martina!
    Apple chips...yummy....
    Love to you and wishes for a creative day!

  12. beautiful photos~happy weekend to you :)

  13. Pure wowness...what a gorgeous post Martina..a visual feast of dreamy rich and abundant...those grapes are exquisite, what a beautiful shot......and love that magical little enchanting! Lovely..the apple chips look divinely yummy.....thanks for the recipe..awesome!


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