Happy Weekend!

Little red dress, little lemon bag, little green Ballerinas, a Vespa ride and a peek of the mediterranean seaside? - what could be more perfect to celebrate a sunday afternoon in the lovely month of May? 
Oh, right, i forgot the guy who is patiently waiting for us in that little gellateria in portofino, the huge ice cream sundae we're about to share with him, the frothy cappuccino, the walk through town,  the aperitif  later in this special little bar, the seafood dinner and - the Vespa ride home, in the moonlight glistening over the ocean ....

Do enjoy your sunday lovelies,  whatever you do, even if, like in my case, it mainly consists of working on the garden while this guy, who is patiently with you since the last 20 years -  is cooking something italian to keep your spirits high :) I do love working in the garden sometimes, and so i somehow always end up having gardens, that are a huge amount of work. But working in the garden is like creating a huge 3-dimensional picture and it really absorbs me so much i don't want to stop until everything looks perfect. Which never happens ha ha - endless puzzles of life!

Love to you from M.

Picture via Kate Spade


  1. THERE YOU ARE! I was just about to work on my article on you dear and wonderful friend! I love your idea of this most special afternoon...it is perfect and princess-worthy! We are finally having decent weather, but not all together WARM yet...I am hoping that by the end of the month we will really have great weather and also, I hope I will be feeling better to go out and clean and get the garden ready.

    MUCH LOVE MARTINA! Have fun! Anita

  2. Happy May sweet one....I would love her outfit! Oh I do love my garden as it is not too big and I can manage it plus enjoy the flowers. Hope you are very very well! xo

  3. Such a lovely feel good post dear Martina!...We have a Bank Holiday in England today and I think the weather will be good....with lots of sunshine...so it's going to be a whole day in the garden my friend!
    Hope you have a wonderful, creative week!
    Susan x

  4. Enjoy your Sunday too. BTW the pic and description is very good.


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