A Grandseigneur Dog

If you're going through hell, keep walking!
Winston Churchill

Schöne Woche ihr Lieben - natürlich hoffe ich sehr, dass Eure Woche nicht im entferntesten an die Hölle erinnert ;) Doch da diese Englische Bulldogge hier mich beim Zeichnen so sehr an Winston erinnert hat, konnte ich nicht widerstehen, eines seiner berühmten Zitate hinzuzufügen.

Im Hintergrund seht ihr ein Toile Muster mit kleinen Garten Szenen an dem ich gearbeitet habe. Ich hoffe, es einmal als Druck auf Stoff haben zu können - wie auch das Rosenmuster auf dem Teppich.

Viele der Hundemotive gibt es jetzt als Poster und Art-Prints in der Poster Lounge wo sie unter dem Pseudonym Martine Vuitton Serape angeboten werden.

Happy midweek flowers! I hope your week is nothing like hell of course, but i simply adore Winston Churchill quotes. As you might have seen already, i've been quite into drawing dogs for a while now. This English Bulldog reminds me of Winston somehow, so i couldn't resist adding some of his words here too. 

In the background you see a Toile pattern with little french country scenes i've been working on recently. It's a project i've been thinking about for a while and i hope to have it printed on fabric one day - as the golden rose pattern on the carpet.
Many of the dogs are now available as posters and art prints, you can order them  here-


  1. this is great! i really like the toile background...will you be using spoonflower?
    have a super day :)

  2. Love that great done !!...enjoy the week love Ria...x !

  3. I LOVE WINSTON. His quotes are so witty and wise, and that one is one of my favorite. One must ENDURE the hardship and get through it. Oh my friend, this bulldog is fantastic. This really is getting fun to watch the evolution of your work, and that toile pattern is the perfect backdrop for your new designs.

    BRAVO! XOXOX Anita

  4. Good one Martina ,here's it is hell as mercury is shooting up. Peak of summer here:(

  5. This is gorgeous, I love this quote as well. I think it's perfect with the bulldog as they are quite tough dogs and the hint of softness with the wallpaper pattern is perfect!! Happy Wedneday Martina, I hope you are doing well xx

  6. Such a cute friendly canine, I love the background scenes too and I hope you get to paint them on fabric someday soon, dear Martina! Wish you a lovely week!

  7. Dearest Martina! Enjoy your visit with your friend! I hope you will enjoy a wonderful three days, and thank you so much for your "rose" - the thought of it is so tender mon amie....

  8. Ohhhh this is too cool. And I love the toile pattern as well. You are always doing something so creative. Hope you have a relaxing weekend!


  9. Hi Martina,
    Oh I love the work you are doing.. the bull dog is fantastic! Love the quote as well.
    Thank you so much for taking time to visit Andre... So happy you enjoyed him..

  10. Oh, he is so cute and the background patterns are very pretty! I can imagine many projects with fabric like this, so I hope you do have these printed soon :) Have a wonderful weekend Martina.

  11. Hi Martina,

    Oh love the sweet bulldog and the quote from Winston Churchill fits this so well.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend

  12. Just to gorgeous Martina!!! Just let me know when you do get your art work on fabric. I want some... I love it!
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  13. I totally laughed when I read that quote! I can't believe I never heard that before! I love Wiinie's quotes!

    Your blog is always such a breath of fresh air Matina...Always candy for my eyes & something witty & charming to read...like talking to a friend :)

  14. ton illustration est superbe...
    Merci pour ce talentueux partage

  15. Beautifully done Martina...and I love all kinds of toile too. Such a gorgeous dog! Fabric art prints will be so lovely!

  16. This is so fabulous, dear Martina!! A brilliant and unexpected combination!

  17. What an incredibly beautiful exercise! I love this idea. Thank you so much for sharing. I will most certainly do this with our sweet Lilly and Buddy. In fact, I'm headed to snuggle and do some story telling now. Happy seeing beautiful and thanks for hopping with us! Looking for large dog breeds for families Wondering what large dog breeds are good with kids or would be good for apartments Find out here A complete list of large dog breeds


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