Into the PINK

Happy weekend flowers! And hurry up to make the best of your weekend! Wait a moment:Isn't the weekend ll about slowing down? Just find your own tempo and go with it - no matter where you go!

The day kind of overwhelmed me with a can of Espresso exploding on my stove and covering the whole kitchen in Coffee! This is why i fell from my pink cloud and have keep this post really short and simple - much cleaning to do!

Have  a super time and enjoy all the lovely moments of summer. And if you feel like chilling with a new magazine, check out the new Summer issue of Scarlet Pink magazine Some of my art is featured there

Drawing: Martine Voigt-Schmid


  1. Oh no!Hope the rest of your weekend goes better,lol : )

  2. Have a nice sunday from !

  3. Good morning Martina! So this is what happened! My friend, you must be overwhelmed with much cleaning! Take it easy the rest of the week if you can...and thank you for your bright and wonderful art. Anita

  4. I hope you managed to clean it all up quickly and enjoy your weekend! :) This is a gorgeous illustration, I love that pink.
    Jess xx

  5. Oh dear, I hope you got it all cleaned up ok. This is a marvellous picture, absolutely beautiful. I hope your new week is bliss doll xx

  6. félicitations pour le magazine et bravo à toi pour ces jolies peintures...
    Bisous tout plein


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