Giambattista Valli Haute Couture

"It's always a love story,"
Giambattista Valli

Inspired by my painter friend Barbara von Enger, who is currently in Paris, i had a look at some of the fashion shows from the  2014 autumn couture collections. I love to look at Haute Couture, because here, we see the designers phantasie at play, without the restructions of normal daily life. These robes are just made to inspire, to charm and dazzle. They are made to stand out and create a fairy tale come true for the women who wear them.

To me, the most inspiring collection was the one by Giambatista Valli (see all the pix here), who artfully combined ombre ballgown skirts with blouses, that resembled crisp mens shirts or Pyjama tops, and who put graphic black & white stripes next to flowers and colorful fluff. What i also like here, is the combination of black shades and twisted scarfs around the heads of the models - they appear like dancers in a modern ballet - and they make me want to paint them!

So, watch out for new fashion sketches here soon - and have a great midweek!

Pictures via VOGUE


  1. DEAREST MARTINA! Good evening as I am finally back on-line! A very bad storm hit us unexpectedly yesterday, while I was enjoying the garden with my friend. The storm was so bad that it knocked out the electricity and our internet service was out for 24 hours!

    I LOVE THESE FASHIONS! I bet you are getting ideas for more fabulous paintings, aren't you!

    Thank you for dropping by today, and I cannot wait to see where you are taking us for your European link party post!!!!

    Hugs my friend, and enjoy this wonderful summer! Anita

  2. Amazing designs, especially the feather skirt! I look forward to your new fashion drawings!
    Jess x

  3. Adore these designs, they are so full of colour and life. I look forward to your new drawings, it will be wonderful to see :)) I hope you have a great day doll xx

  4. So inspiring lovely Martina...and I'm so looking forward to seeing your fashion sketches...I know they will be wonderful!
    Susan x


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