Woof to a brand new week!

Alistair der Whippet wünscht Euch einen netten und relaxten Start in die Woche. Er erinnert Euch daran, immer entspannt zu bleiben, aber wach für gute Gelegenheiten, Eure Energie spielen zu lassen und Eure Ziele zu verfolgen. Alle Hindernisse mit Eleganz und Leichtigkeit zu überspringen, jeden guten Bissen zu genießen und bei alledem stets gut auszusehen!
Er ist neu in meiner kleinen Hunde-Galerie hier..

Alistair the Whippet is wishing you a nice and easy start to your week. He reminds you to be relaxed, yet on guard for opportunities to let your energy play and run fast, conquer all obstacles with elegance and candor, enjoy a yummy bite if you get one - and always look great!
He's new in my dog gallery - you can get prints of him here-


  1. Lovely ...!!!...have a Nice week ...love from me Ria....x!

  2. I love it! Wishing you a beautiful week.

  3. My dear, dear friend! You have done it AGAIN! Your dog art as well as your fashion art thrills and inspires so! You get the shape done so well in a spirit of play and an explosion of color; your ideas make my day!

    I have NO internet service at my home since Friday. It's difficult because I have to drive to a coffee shop to get WIFI service but hopefully, our company will be out tomorrow to repair the problem. I go back to class tomorrow and this past week was spent in endless teacher meetings. Oh the work and fun ahead of me!

    Wishing you a happy and peaceful Sunday. It is SO HOT and humid here today! XOXOXO Anita

  4. Thank you so much! What a dear you are to leave such encouraging words.. I am so happy she gave you a smile

  5. Oh very sweet painting...my mom had a whippet that lived 18 years i think : )

  6. Hi Martina,

    Love the sweet dog painting - really nice with the stripey background.
    Happy new week

  7. Dear Martina,
    Alistair is a very stylish whippet! Perfect for the 'dog days' of summer!
    Hugs xo

  8. Very beautiful and stylish! I love your color choices. xoxo

  9. So sweet, I hope you have a wonderful week doll xx

  10. Great colors...great work! You are so talented, Martina. Have a great week!


  11. Alistair the Whippet is wonderful Martina!..You are so talented and your illustrations are a joy...He has such a lovely, gentle expression...I love the colours and stripy background too x
    Hope you're having a great week!
    Susan x

  12. Good evening dear friend, Martina! How I love this painting of yours!

    Thank you so much for coming to visit my post. Did you notice that I "nominated" you to tell us about YOUR blog writing process? The rules are simple. If you want to participate, I don't think you have to do it right away, but if you do, just mention me, and nominate two others. That's it! I know you are busy; I've been extremely busy my first week back in the classroom and it is VERY demanding! Our weather is changing to a cooler temperature, so autumn is just around the corner! I hope you are having a great end of summer my friend!


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