2 Kids

This is a sketch i just finished, of my gorgeous niece and nephew Emma and Jakob. 
They live in Munich and the drawing's supposed to be a present for their dad's birthday, which will be celebrated on saturday night. It's going to be a party in a club, with a wild 60ies theme - just thinking about what i'm going to wear ... Off to an early weekend flowers - time to let our hair down and dance!
Have you got anything planned yet?


  1. Martina! GOOD MORNING! Your space is always graced with color, happiness, vibrant thoughts and sweetness. This sketch is GORGEOUS! I am a lover of lines. Simple, crisp, honest. This is stunning and are you in the spring groove yet? We are almost in MARCH! For us, that means cold and snow, but we are inching our way to flowers and sunshine!

    Wishing you a happy party (60s theme? FABULOUS!) and enjoy yourselves dear friend! Anita

  2. Dear Martina,
    this Drawing is georgeous! Your nice and nephew will be so pleased and happy about this wonderful Birthday present for their dad!
    Have fun at the 60ties Party, it will be great, I am sure!
    Sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  3. Dear Martina,
    I love your sketch! This will be a gift that is treasured forever... Such a wonderful gift for their father. I would just love to see what you will be wearing to this ~60s theme party...
    You will find me in my garden this weekend..
    Have a wonderful time at the party!

  4. It'll be his favorite gift by far !!!! I love it! I think Salvador would agree...it's good girl...realllll good!!! I wish I had a wild party to hit this weekend...sounds amazing!!!

  5. This is just beautiful...what a lovely gift :))) Xxx

  6. I would be stoke to receive present like this and I am sure your brother in law ( I hope I've got that right ) was too. It's gorgeous!


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