Colors of Italy

The vibrant colors of Italy also contain a softer palette of muted pinks, oranges, grey, beiges and blues, that are wonderfully soothing to the eyes and to the mind. To me, almost every piece of wall i see, or carefully tiled and plastered ground i walk over, contains a painting, and i've photographed a lot of pretty details during our walks in ancient market towns and villages. Above pix were taken in a medieval city called Toirrano, where we also ate wonderful pasta ... more about this in the next post ;)
Hope you all  have a splendid weekend ahead


  1. Oh so beautiful! You have such a talent for noticing the beauty! I look forward to the next post!
    Jess xx

  2. Hello Martina,
    wonderful colours, wonderful pictures!
    Wishing you a great and lovely weekend,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  3. Oh Martina, you have captured ITALY SO WELL! In my limited excursions of Italy (Cinque Terre), I saw all these colours you are describing! The older the buildings, the better. The more rapid the language, the better. The more intense the flavors of the food, THE BEST. How lovely to see you and your son? Strikingly gorgeous.

    I so love the colours you see....

  4. Dearest Martina! I just saw that you visited my blog! Thank you! I hear how hot it is out your way! That is unusual, isn't it? Yes, I long for the ocean still; there is nothing like the rhythm and air of the sea. We walked the beach every day and now long for it again, but we are planning another trip for next June! Wishing you a peaceful weekend my dear friend! It is so good to have you back. Anita

  5. Martina...!!!....enjoy summer love Ria...x!

  6. Dear Martina,
    Oh Martina...How wonderful to be able to travel to Italy... Colors you mentioned are all my favorites.... Looking forward to your next post...
    Good to see you here... Great photos!

  7. Oh my dear friend, it truly is wonderful to see you back. Thank you for coming by, and I think both of us will still be in Blogland, but just not posting as often, but we are still here!


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