Bold, Bright, Beautiful

Sometimes when I'm having a colour moment I think to myself, okay what would be the most disgusting colour to add here? Sometimes that 'disgusting' can turn out to be 'surprising' and 'completely gorgeous'. 
Angela A'Court

As spring is already "in the making" and sunshiny air mixed with birdsong floats into my rooms - my collour palette switches to brighter and softer shades too. The abstract floral paintings above are almost finished now.

And  "almost finished"often is, at least for me - the most difficult phase in getting a piece of work done. Because, adding a little bit of the wrong shape or colour, can change the whole thing. Since i'm painting from intuition, the time and the mood must be right, to achieve harmony and perfection.

Bold moves, in this case, are often the best moves, for they add a surprise moment, where something flows in, that is better than what i could have thought of.

Can this be applied to real life as well? I think so, at least, if there are descisions to make. So - be bold, bright and beautiful lovelies - the godess of luck just can't resisit you then!


  1. I find that bold moves can suddenly make a painting spring to life. I do this when it feels dull and boring and I'm feeling frustrated with it. However, these little snippets I can see here look gorgeous, no bold moves needed here! I love your warm sunny palette, it makes me think of warm summer days. Have a wonderful weekend Martina. xx

  2. I also already feel spring in the air­čśÇ

  3. Lovel colors Martina ...happy Ria x❤️

  4. Adoro esos tonos y la frescura de tus obras.

  5. Good morning, Martina! Again, it is such a delight to find yet another encouraging post here! I love the quote you used; I must think this way about my poetry too!

    Your colors are splendid, and you really know how to use them. The addition of the light yellow creates a GOLD effect that I really love. MANY HUGS and wishes to you for a bold and golden Sunday! Anita

  6. Liebe Martina,
    das sind wudnervolle Farben! Ja, der Fr├╝hling ist nicht mehr weit ....
    Ich w├╝nsch Dir einen sch├Ânen und gl├╝cklichen Wochenstart!
    ♥ Allerliebste Gr├╝├če ,Claudia ♥

  7. Dear Martina,
    What you create with color is pure magic!
    Enjoy your week.

  8. Sweetest Martina! HELLO! Thank you dear friend for coming to visit me! Have a sensational weekend. Ours is going to be WARM!!!!!!


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