Sunday afternoon

Living like a cat(in a nice families home) must be so great! They're such chilled creatures, yet alert on the spot when they need to be (like, when a mouse comes in for tea).
This sunday i'm having a chilled time as well:
Long late breakfast
Time to surf the blogworld and seeing so many beautiful things
A walk through the windy wineyards, listening to the sound of the storm
Looking at my unfinished paintings (for sometimes, they just need to be looked and pondered at)
... and later a nice dinner in and a hot bubble bath, my favourite thing to relax!

New Stillifes

Working on these stillifes brightened up my winter evenings - the the lovely yellow glow of cheerfully lit up rooms mixing with memories of soft sunlight in autumn, giving colours such rich, juicy shades. I see them as a kind of interim period, while i try to set up a new mode of working for myself - more about this soon.

Our furry friend

Made these paintings as a christmas present for my husband, Andreas - although, at times, he's really jealous of that little guy! He's so neat and charming in his ever elegant fur, and he knows how to be nice to someone, who feeds him well! When we get out of bed in the morning, he sneaks in there - to sleep until lunchtime ...


Are you starting to crave the beginning of spring? I do! This is a painting from an older series featuring tulips.